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Federal Regulations Just Killed 500 More Jobs

Joe Lindsley from the Foster Friess.com team shared great information to pass onto your friends and neighbors about the EPA. Knowledge is Power. Join me in being a “Conservative Information Pusher” and help educate your friends and neighbors. 
by Joe Lindsley
Is this part of the government’s employment plan?

Photo courtesy of the Daily Caller

About 500 workers for a Texas energy company are about to lose their jobs, thanks to Environmental Protection Agency regulations. Luminant, the largest power generator in Texas, has said that the Cross-State Air Pollution mandate is forcing it to close several plants and to cut back on mining operations.

Meanwhile, a new survey reports that 74 percent of American voters say that regulations are significantly harming both businesses and consumers. True, the EPA just relented on the proposed new ozone regulation, but what about all the others?

Read about the disastrous effect of EPA regulations on people’s livelihoods (just over half a page/300 words).

Read the Tarrance Group’s report on its survey revealing Americans are tired of being over-regulated (about 1.5 pages/670 words).

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