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East Texas Churches and the Tea Party Work Together for Freedom of Religion

5,000 strong showed up in Athens, Texas this afternoon to tell a small group of Atheists from Wisconsin who felt the need to come to Texas to take down a town’s Christmas Nativity Scene, “Don’t Mess With Texas!!”

What is the biggest threat to the liberal left? 

Americans of all faiths and backgrounds coming together to fight for Freedom, especially freedom of religion.   Today that happened in Athens, Texas and in full view we saw that the Tea Party is not going to stand by and allow people of faith to lose their freedom of religion.  Interesting to note about the event, in contrast to typical Tea Party gatherings those who showed up today were not only the 60+ crowd, there were people of all age groups. Ray Myers of the  Kaufman Country Tea Party who sent out the call to Tea Party groups across the state to show up and stand up for freedom noticed the large number of 30 to 50  yr. olds in the crowd.

Ray Myers Kaufman County Tea Party

The First Amendment does not guarantee “Freedom from religion.” It guarantees “freedom OF religion.” 

I have a feeling God was proud today. 

Report from the Lone Star Tea Party

5000 supporters attend Athens Nativity Rally, it was an event with inspiring speeches, prayer and song. The crowd was a mixture of church members,tea party’s and other conservative and religious groups. They were from as far away as Oklahoma, Louisiana, Amarillo and Corpus Christi. The came in cars, trucks, motorcycles and even horse back.

The message was clear, enough is enough, stand up, restore our religious freedoms and the foundations in which our nation was built upon.

Tonight we will upload all the video un cut so you can see the inspiring messages that were delivered from the Court House Steps of Athens Texas.  

We were truly blessed with a beautiful day.   



Thank you Tea Party for your amazing work, Ray Myers, Mel Moss and your teams “You Rock!!”


Renowned investor Foster Friess works to encourage private sector solutions to improve the lives of others

Just as our good friend Foster Friess asks….
“Will we be governed by rules and regulations or will we be inspired by virtues and values.”

Today was a  perfect example of Americans coming together to say we will be inspired by virtues and values.

God Bless Texas and God Bless America!!

Take the time to watch this video of Foster Friess and be inspired.



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