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Don’t Miss the Honorable Bill Zedler tonight on WBTM Radio

Don’t miss it! 

Chaos Radio  will be on tonight at 7PM with Special Guest

The Honorable Bill Zedler Texas State Rep. District 96.


Live From the WBTM Arlington Studio Call in with your questions 714-242-5220 

Rep Bill Zedler Stands Strong for Texas and exposes Corruption in Texas Politics! 


Other topics: Where’s the gold? Cops and Robbers, Rand Paul,Using children

for propaganda, selective enforcement, mileage tax, 1.5 billion to the muslim brotherhood

and we can’t spend money to protect our children, who authorized that? Notre Shame?

enough already and who cares.


Note: Butch did some research on video games and he’s going to

reveal in the 8 o’clock hr what he told Chief Billy Wayborn (DWG Police Dept.)

and Bill Zedler earlier today. It’s jaw dropping!


The Patriot Voice with Robert and Ross Kecseg will be on Friday morning at 11AM

with Special Guests Ginger Russell and Steven Jones Irving ISD speaking on

CSCOPE. if you don’t know what that is you had better tune in and learn. Call in # 714-242-5220

Live From the WBTM Arlington Studio 



 Join the movement expose corruption in Texas Politics

go to Tea Party 911 for a daily briefing.

Tea Party 911

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