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by Valoree Swanson, SD7 Executive Committeewoman 

Photo Courtsey of KristinGuiney.com

The truth is: lifelong Republican Kristin Guiney is a wonderful Christian woman, devoted wife, and mother to two little girls. She is extremely pro-life and has donated her time to two different pro-life organizations, even serving as a pro-bono attorney to a home for unwed mothers. Kristin and her husband and children are active in their church, and she is backed by a great many conservative Christian Republicans, such as Dr. Steven Hotze, Conservative Republicans of Harris County; Terry Lowry, The Link Letter; SBOE Member Terri Leo; Kathy Haigler; Norma Jeter; and Pat Hanson, former Area Director CWA Texas South.

Anyone who knows me knows that I would never have endorsed her myself without thoroughly vetting her. Out of my entire lifetime of conservative Republican activism, I did something I have never done before. Believing so strongly in Kristin’s superiority for this position, I volunteered–without being asked–to be her campaign treasurer, an unpaid position. This puts my name on her literature, website, etc. Believe me, I would never have put my credibility on the line so strongly for anyone less than a true conservative like Kristin Guiney, who is supremely qualified for this criminal court bench.

Just a few of Kristin’s other endorsements include such conservative Republican leaders as Josh Flynn, Sheryl Berg, Rex Lamb, Bonnie Lugo, Larry Bush, Sharon and Bruce Slover, Bill Drout, Marvin Clede, Vergel Cruz, Drake Cameron, David Flower, Edith Gibson, Patricia Henderson, Elvie Kingston, Liz Phillips, Dianne Williams, Susan Patrick, Betty Avery, Dorothy Olmos, Elizabeth Perez, Michael Kubosh, Randy Kubosh, Mark Klecka, Eric Story, Larry and Marie Youngblood, and many more–all of whom have made the same serious investigations as I. In addition, Kristin overwhelmingly won the Downtown Pachyderm Straw Poll, has the endorsement of the C Club, Katy Christian Magazine, and the Houston Police Officers Union PAC. I have visited in-depth with many conservative Republican elected officials who choose not to make endorsements, but who also confirm their very highest regard for Kristin Guiney’s integrity and qualifications.

For this felony criminal court bench, we need a judge who is supremely knowledgeable and skilled in the application of criminal law. Kristin Guiney spent almost 9 years as an assistant district attorney in the Harris County DA’s office. Seven of those were in the felony division, with the last year-and-a-half as a felony chief—an impressive feat to make felony chief so quickly. Considered a rising star, as a prosecutor, Kristin tried over 80 jury cases to verdict (compared to her opponent who has never tried a single criminal case,) including capital murder, sexual assault, and other heinous crimes. So obvious to local forum audiences, where Kristin’s impressive oratory skills really shine, are Kristin’s modestly presented but factually correct list of accomplishments, awards, and real experience in the criminal court system, which is also evident on her website: KristinGuiney.com

After almost nine years as a highly respected, accomplished assistant district attorney, Kristin has now done defense work for one-and-a-half years. This is a typical and valuable combination giving a criminal law attorney a tremendous balance in preparation for being a judge on the criminal court bench. We don’t want judges who are too defense oriented, but neither do we want judges who assume that everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Kristin has prosecuted far more people than she has defended. There are a great many Christian criminal defense lawyers, including deacons of churches, etc. If I or a family member were ever accused of a crime, I would be thankful for a highly qualified, Christian lawyer like Kristin Guiney.

Kristin is being vilified because she received cases from both Republican and Democrat judges. The truth is: the great majority—74%—of Kristin’s court appointments have come from Republican judges. Kristin is very highly regarded because of her excellent knowledge of the law and strong work ethic. She is known to be highly organized and well-prepared for court, not having to ask for constant delays. Most judges in Harris County give cases to both Republican and Democrat attorneys in order to avoid the appearance of bias. It is a no-brainer that the best attorneys will be given the most cases in criminal courts, including the outrageously liberal Democrat Judge Kevin Fine’s court, once you understand that he is rarely present—even recently having taken a medical leave for six weeks. Visiting judges often have to fill in for him, and he lets his (Republican) court coordinator assign all the cases. He is not running for re-election, so does not need to curry favor with Democrats.

It is curious why there are no attacks on the long list of eminent criminal court judges and other Republican candidates for criminal benches who also have criminal defense experience. Out of the nine criminal district courts on the ballot this year, most of the Republican candidates have some criminal defense experience, representing all types of defendantsDo those candidates refuse to represent defendants who happen to be assigned Democrat judges? Of course not!

Most of our current and former Republican judicial candidates and judges have spent some time as criminal defense lawyers, doing the exact same work that Kristin is currently doing—it is part of the learning process and helps a person be a better judge. Why are all the other Republican candidates, past and present, who have criminal defense experience and who receive cases from Democrats not being criticized?Since this experience and case assignment history is a good thing, it is hypocritical that Kristin is being criticized for it. I am not criticizing all the others , I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of the few people criticizing Kristin.

As a lifelong Republican, Kristin Guiney has voted 14 times since 2000. Kristin has never in her life voted in a Democrat Primary, and she has not missed a Republican Primary since 2008. Contrary to the false claims, Kristin has absolutely no Democrat ties—NONE, ZERO. Kristin Guiney has never donated money to a single Democrat or Democrat cause. She has given to a good number of Republican candidates, starting in 2004 and increasing in more recent years. In his single days, very early in his career, her husband worked for a few years at a private law firm and gave one donation to Ron Kirk and a very nominal amount to two trial lawyer groups when his firm expected it. He then decided he preferred to be a criminal prosecutor instead, and continues to be a well-respected assistant district attorney at the Harris County DA’s Office. In fact, Kristin’s husband, Ed, was the prosecutor in the rape case mentioned in the misleading article. Ed had the fortitude to speak out against Judge Fine when the judge had the nerve to berate the rape victim. Ed supported the rape victim and convicted the rapist.

A cadre of absolutely fabulous candidates with serious D.A. experience and qualifications has been a constant and welcome presence in Republican club meetings beginning in late 2010. More than ever before, this has given Republican activists a chance to really get to know the judicial candidates, and to determine which of them really know criminal law and will be the most experienced and skillful conservative judges for the criminal law courts. Kristin Guiney shines brightly among this group, and they would not be her close associates if this were not true.

One of the most impassioned desires of this entire group is to retake the criminal court benches from Democrat Judges such as Kevin Fine and others brought in by the “ObamaSweep.” They have seen up-close the devastation being wrought in these courts by these unskilled and ineffective (or worse,) judges, and are fiercely dedicated to restoring these benches to excellence in knowledge and application of the law, as we had under previous Republican courts. They are aware, even more than most, that we must have our strongest and most experienced Republican candidates, who are ready to take the criminal court benches, running against the Democrats in the general election.

I am proud to be supporting such a fine, lifelong Republican, Christian, conservative candidate asKristin Guiney, who is running on her own exceptional record. It is tragic when malicious half-truths against one of Harris County Republican Party’s most exemplary candidates can somehow form the “fact base” of an assumedly conscientious journalist, who unknowingly writes a misleading article of reckless defamation, now going viral. In the race for the 179th Criminal District Court in Harris County, Kristin Guiney is the conservative, qualified candidate.

Valoree Swanson
SREC SD7 | Pct. Chair 552, Harris County
Active in Texas Tea Party Republican Women, Concerned Women for America, Cherry Tree Republican Club, Daughters of Liberty, Downtown Pachyderm, and Tea Party activities 


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