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Do “YOU” have the courage to wear the white cowboy hat, and start building the herd? #TxFreedomRally

It is quite ironic that Obama came to Texas this week wearing a black cowboy hat. Everyone knows you never wear a black hat in the middle of summer in Texas. Now let’s dig a little deeper into the real meaning of a black cowboy hat.


In the classic westerns, you could always tell who the good guy was—the one wearing a white cowboy hat. The villain, of course, wore a black hat. The good cowboys and the villians had their own posse or gang. The good posse protected the town and fought for justice and peace. The evil gang robbed banks, hijacked trains, and terrorized the towns.

Texans it is time to defend Texas. Come to the Alamo, wear your white cowboy hat and join others as we draw a line in the sand against the ObamaTax!


Below are excerpts from the article …..Cowboy Ethics  by Dr. Joe Fleishman 

Think as you read below about Politics in America. Then decide are you going to show up at the #TxFreedomRally at the Alamo in your White Hat. If you do look for me I will have on mine!!  It is time to reject the Obama Lies and give power back to the people. Wear your white hat and be apart of the solution.  

 “What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.” – Will Rogers 

I have a fondness for movies, American Westerns in particular.  What resonate strongly with me when I see The Duke on the silver screen are the values and ethics of his cowboy persona.   Those guys in the white hats always seem to stand for the right things. 


White-hat Definitions

Sacrifice– the life of a cowboy was synonymous with hard work.  Herds, fortunes and  ranches were built over a life time.

Placing others first –a cowboy always put the needs of the herd before himself.  The safety of others, especially the defenseless, was of top priority.

Right and wrong – in the westerns things are black and white.  The good guys wear white hats and the bad guys wear black hats; there are no shades of grey.

Honesty – On film The Duke tells it like it is.  He says, “Yes”, when he means yes and “NO”, when he means no.  A handshake or an individual’s word constitutes a contract.

Justice – Evil doers, the guys in black hats, understand that justice rides a fast horse and is dispensed quickly and efficiently.

The reason westerns and cowboys in general continue to appeal to the American public is because The Duke and what he stands for represent the values we also hold in high esteem.  In the end, we want our leaders, to be the good guys in the white hats.  Deep down there’s a little cowboy in all of us who wants to ride with The Duke. We want to save the town, get the girl, and ride off into the sunset–gee haw!

Honesty–A leader’s hand shake no longer has any real meaning, a person’s word has no value.  Lying, misleading, misdirection, and subterfuge have become the new culture.  

Pick a Hat

I believe The Duke and cowboy ethics will always resonate in the hearts and minds of Americans.  That’s why those seeking leadership positions need to ask themselves this simple question, “Do I have the courage to wear the white hat?”  If the answer is yes, it’s time to be a Patriot, put on the white hat and start building the herd.

Join 1,000’s of Texans at the Alamo on July 21st who are ready to don the White Cowboy Hat and lead America back to greatness and prosperity. I have told people many times we are not going to elect a man or women to save America. We must save ourselves. We are the guys in the White Hats!! 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


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