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DMN assists EPA assault on Texas jobs

Weston Hicks with Agenda Wise.com has another article out. 


The Dallas Morning News gave Obama an assist in his assault on the Texas energy industry.

Last year, Obama’s EPA provided a draft version of the “Cross-State Air Pollution Rules”, as part of his overall assault on our economy. This month, the EPA came out with the actual rule, and it’s much worse than the draft version.

Luminant, an energy company to be affected by the rule, has produced an article, using simple facts and common sense, to expose the simple-minded and mostly-wrong analysis in the DMN editorial.

The major difference between the EPA’s draft version of the law and the recently released actual version, is the inclusion of a huge reduction in allowable sulfur dioxide output. They’ve given six months for compliance, which is more of a slap in the face than a serious timetable.

Energy companies have to give a three-month notice to the Electric Reliability Council before shutting down generators. This leaves them with just three months to assess options and adjust generators for compliance, which is nowhere near enough time.

Since it’s not enough time to change processes, the only way to comply is by shutting down energy plants, which will cost Texas jobs and make Texas energy more expensive and less reliable.

In truth, Texas has reduced sulfur dioxide emissions 33% over the last decade, but the EPA has now said we must reduce it another 47% in 6 months.

It’s also likely this law will force Texas energy producers to switch from running their plants on lignite, mined in Texas, to Wyoming coal. This will destroy our lignite-mining industry.

The DMN piece suggested plenty of energy alternatives are available, which isn’t true, and less true given the unreasonable timetable.

The DMN piece also suggested ozone standards are a problem for the Texas energy industry in the EPA’s new law. This is false. Ozone compliance isn’t a problem for Texas, just the new sulfur dioxide regulations. In fact, Texas had the biggest ozone decrease of any state in America between 2000 and 2009.

The DMN tried to paint a picture of power plants ignoring regulation. This is also totally false. Our sulfur dioxide emissions are over 20% lower than the national average, and in compliance with current laws!

Another misrepresentation the DMN editorial pushed is that a 13% reduction in energy production, the likely result of this law, is no big deal. In fact, it will wipe out our state’s reserve energy margin in 2012.

The political context for this is that no state has challenged Obama more directly than Texas. Texas also has the best economy in the country. Our opposition to Obama’s agenda and our economic success are two sides of the same coin.

This is an embarrassment for the Administration, so they are trying to fix it through the EPA. We’ve known they’re trying to stop oil production in west Texas due to a lizard. Now, they’re trying to shut down power plants and the Texas lignite mining industry.

The DMN editorial board is lending its assistance to the Obama Administration.

Luminant article

DMN editorial


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