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Dick Morris is right~ It is up to us to decide

Karen and Rick Santorum with Alice Linahan of Voices Empower

What would happen if Rick Santorum Wins? 

What Dick Morris says is true in the video below. It is up to us to decide.

I choose Rick Santorum. He is the  Honest. Consistent Conservative.

I believe people are hungry for truth and not sound bites and talking points.

Just as Rick said  in this interview posted on Gateway Pundit. 

“Rick Santorum was on with Sean Hannity and told Sean…….

“Maybe we’re in an era where you just can’t have the people go out and talk with the candidates and listen to what they’re concerned about and answer the questions that people have because the media will use that and twist it against you.”

I was part of bringing Rick into the Bloggers Bash that Dick Mooris speaks about in the video below, and I can tell you that Rick and Karen Santorum  changed some bloggers hearts and minds that night because he was real and honest. Black Conservative Acorn Whistle Blower Anita Moncrief supports Rick Santorum for President

Dick Morris talks about how Rick  Santorum can beat Obama if he wins the Republican nomination.

Click Photo to check out the great photos from that night.


I don’t always agree with Dick Morris but I do know that he is right on this one. It is up to “We The People” to decide.

Thanks for the valuable insight Dick!


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