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Destination Gaza: Israeli Satellites Spot Iranian Ships Stockpiling Weapons to Gaza

By Lisa Benson

For 25 years as a development consultant to the Pro-Israel movement, I have witnessed firsthand the “shoot and scoot” diplomacy of the Palestinian people.

Shoot, retreat, and declare victory at the expense of millions of people, both Palestinian and Jewish.  Terrorists are a predictable lot and are aided by a mainstream media that seems to coddle them with tender loving care and an American electorate that easily loses focus on international crisis.

As Mark Steyn so eloquently states in “Jill Kelley for Secretary of State,” the post-Thanksgiving reality of “inflamed mobs clubbing holiday shoppers” took American front- page headlines over world headlines of the overarching authoritarian expansion that Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi – the new Pharaoh of the Middle East –  gave to himself as ruler of Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. While some of us were watching the mobs of people in Cairo rioting, signaling an imminent NEW crisis and de-stabilization of the Middle East, much of America took to the malls with bellies full of turkey and stuffing.

Iran send Missiles to Gaza After all, it is more important to get a bargain at the mall, hear Jingle Bells by Santa Clause than it is to understand, fully, the implications of a full-blown war in the Middle East where, potentially, hundreds of thousands of innocent people will lose their lives.

Americans just don’t care?

I do.

I care and millions of people who take the time to understand that Israel sits on the front lines of Western Civilization.

Why should America Care?

The “Sunday Times of London” reported that Israel has captured on satellite surveillance this weekend the stockpiling of Fajr-5 weapons onto Iranian ships headed, no doubt, for Gaza.  The Fajr-5 rockets are the long-range missiles that were destroyed in Gaza by Israel’s “Operation Pillar of Defense/Cloud.”  These are the missiles which targeted neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as opposed to the short-range missiles that rain on Israel every day of the year.   Moreover, it is also reported that these Fajr-5 are also headed to the Sudan where they will be used by Al Qaeda operatives in the Sudan to target a broader landscape of Israeli cities.

Did you think that Hamas was not going to regroup and rearm?

Israel remains the only DEMOCRACY in the Middle East and it votes with the United States in the United Nations 100% of the time.  What is clear to me, and should be to you, is that the Muslim Brotherhood ( a worldwide umbrella organization of all the terrorist organizations) not only negotiated the Israeli-Gaza cease-fire, but they became greatly empowered by it.  Al Qaeda is on the rise throughout the Middle East and in Northern Africa as well.

In my podcast linked here, I ask that the American people arm themselves with knowledge. I hope you will take the time to listen and to share this newsletter with friends.

Please know that millions of Israeli lives were saved during “Operation Pillar of Defense” due to American support of the Iron Dome.  Those Americans who lobby Congress and our Congressional delegations who vote in support of Israel each year for this support should be commended; they are greatly appreciated by the Jewish people worldwide.

We must be relentless in our demand of our federal officials to continue its military support to Israel.

On behalf of Israel, I thank you for your continued concern for Israel.  It is not only the “Land of Milk and Honey,” but is the home of nearly six million who value democracy, freedom, and personal liberty. 

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