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By Thomas Korkmos 

Does anyone know why the tough immigration language of the 2010 State Party Platform of Texas was replaced with a pre-amnesty “Texas Solution” that is ostensibly intended to entice Hispanic voters?

Why did the liberal RINO wing of the Texas Republican Party disavow Texas’ Tenth Amendment Rights? 

How did the liberal RINO wing of the Texas Republican Party achieve a weakening of the Texas Platform on immigration?  

It’s time to tell Texans how they were sold out. Read below for the details about the who, how, and why the RINOS in the Texas Republican Party sold us out on immigration!  

John 3:19-21 “This is the judgment: that light has entered the world, and men have preferred darkness to light because their deeds were evil. Everybody who does wrong hates the light and keeps away from it, for fear his deeds may be exposed.”
But, on Friday, June 8, 2012, the delegates were to be kept in the dark. 

Photo courtesy of the Texas Tribune

Origin of the 2010 Platform Immigration planks.
The Texas border is a sieve so porous that almost anyone can walk, wade or be guided across by a “coyote” who is either paid by the illegally entering alien seeking work or by an employer who places an order for people with particular skills. Among those who hire skilled laborers are home builders, general construction companies, environmental waste clean-up contractors, restaurants, agricultural workers, and a whole host of other companies whose goal is to acquire the cheapest labor possible.  

The reason illegal labor is so attractive is that the employer shifts many responsibilities such as worker’s compensation and emergency care to the publicly funded sectors such as hospital districts, aid for dependent children, their education, daycare, and welfare. While shifting employee costs to others makes a lot of money for the employer, society in general is harmed through higher taxes and the directing of public resources to their illegal employees. Cost shifting allows the employer to be the low bidder against a competitor who conforms to our laws.  

Another reason illegal labor is attractive is that they truly will do jobs that no citizen will knowingly do without proper protection. Illegals do work like cleaning up environmental spills, washing out chemical tanks, handling pesticides, and installing Chinese drywall containing hazardous vapors and corrosive chemicals. They are paid cash and move on, leaving no paper trail that they ever did the work and there is, therefore, no future medical claim against the employer or his insurance carrier. If they cause trouble, the employer can call Immigration Control and Enforcement and have them deported. See page one article titled “Cross Country Trip Ends with Detentions”, Beaumont Enterprise 

Employers could hire US citizens to fill necessary jobs but they do not wish to train them with the skills needed to perform the work. About 20 years ago a trend in education circles began which promoted educational emphasis on computers and technology and higher education, promoting the notion that everyone should go to college; therefore, master trade skills such as those needed in construction, electronics, and mechanical systems maintenance were virtually eliminated. For the past few decades, there has been a new culture norm adopted and taught that any type of physical labor is beneath the American citizen. People have been encouraged not to do such work and the welfare state makes it easy for people not to work. There are citizens who think that “work” is beneath their citizenship. Curtailment of welfare for the able-bodied would help to remedy this problem.  

The open border also allows for the transit of terrorists and criminal elements dealing in drugs, money laundering, prostitution, contract murder, and human trafficking.  

History of the Party Platform
The conservative base of the Texas Republican Party, understanding these issues, chose to incorporate a tough stand on the cost of illegal migration and the associated evils of birth-right citizenship. The Platform is a statement of beliefs and principles that constitute a directive to State and Federal Governments of what the party’s grass roots would like to see as legislation.  

For several state conventions we have seen a parade of advocates for eliminating the Immigration plank in the platform. Most visible were Norman Adams, and Dr. Steve Hotze of Houston. For a long time they worked on the sidelines until mounting a full force effort to gut the platform of the immigration plank. They failed but, during the 2011 legislative session, they managed to kill the sanctuary cities bill, and other immigration control legislation.The persons taking credit for the failure of the Ban on Sanctuary Cities bill were Adams, Hotze, and Charles Butt of H.E.B. Source: GOP Boosters Urge a “No” Vote on Sanctuary Cities Adams, Hotze, and others, by their own admission, determined to remove the Immigration plank in 2010, shortly after losing the 2010 fight. After defeating the plank at the Texas 2012 GOP Convention additional players emerged taking credit to include Nelson Speer and Brad Bailey. One of the key surprises was political consultant to many Houston based politicians, Allen Blakemore. Blakemore, and Hotze work closely in promoting candidates, with Hotze publishing pay-for-play endorsement letters.

Hollowing out the 2012 Party platform – Prior to the Convention
On June 4, 2012, the Temporary Platform Committee met in Ft. Worth, breaking into subgroups to work on the thousands of resolutions from around the state and those that are generated by the committee. One of the subgroups was involved with the immigration issue and was shepherded with testimony and argument by Norm Adams and others. Mr. Adams was quite generous to the Platform Committee, providing them with food for their meals during their deliberations. An empty stomach has been noted to be a listening ear; and while we have no knowledge that this influenced any decision, the appearance of impropriety cannot be dismissed.
There was opportunity for public testimony, and there was testimony for keeping the 2010 Immigration platform plank but, in the end, the Platform Committee recommended the language put forward by Mr. Adams and for which Mr. Bailey is given credit for having written or co-authored some time ago. We therefore have good reason to question whether the “Texas Solution” that replaced the Immigration planks was generated by the Platform Committee. The hollowing out of the Platform resulted in the total number of pages being reduced by approximately 1/3 from the 2010 Platform, Immigration being just a part.  

At the Wednesday evening hearings, the Immigration planks were not the only ones at risk. Pro-life principles were also recommended to be stripped out by its Platform Sub-Committee, but were restored by a majority vote of the whole committee.  

Permanent Committee Reports- Friday, June 8, 2012  

The agenda for the convention stated that the Rules and Platform Permanent Committee reports were to be presented for consideration between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. The general session of the convention did not start on time, nor were the credentials of those present checked to insure proper seating by Senate District Caucus. Proper credentialing and seating of the convention is required by Robert’s Rules of Order and is required in order to accomplish Rule No. 13, establishing a quorum, not to mention insuring that only those entitled to vote actually vote. This oversight, perhaps intentional, was critical to the later defeat of both motions to 1) strike the 2012 “Texas Solution” Immigration Plank and replace it with the 2010 immigration plank language, and when that failed, 2) to amend the “Texas Solution” plan to require illegals return to their country of origin BEFORE applying for a temporary work visa. All attempts to save the Texas GOP Platform from embracing pre-amnesty were thwarted.

Keeping delegates in the dark
The convention was held at the Fort Worth Convention Center. It is an older center, somewhat horseshoe shaped with a flat area in the middle, surrounded by a stadium type arrangement. The seating on the flat area is not capable of containing the whole of the delegates and alternates; therefore, the stadium level sections were designated as seating area for Senatorial Districts. These sections are steep, without handrails, and the lighting was very dim – so dim that many could not read the printed Platform and Rules that they had just received. We observed several people fall climbing and descending the steep dark stairs. A request to the Chairman from the floor to turn up the lights was twice made and the lighting was eventually turned on, along with an admonition from the Chairman that lighting caused the Party to incur additional cost. 

The Chairman finally called the meeting to order, the Rules Committee report was given, and the floor was open for debate. To summarize the startling and alarming chain of events, the Chairman did not control the convention by issuing instructions. He allowed intervening motions, interruptions, and out-of-order discussion. It became clear to many that the Chairman was using a tactic called “Running out the clock.” The Chairman announced that the business of Rules and Resolutions could not be accomplished by 5:00 p.m. and that we would adjourn until 9:00 p.m. Ostensibly, this was in order to allow those attending the convention to attend a banquet with Rick Santorum that evening.  

As a side note, many had been standing in a queue to speak to the platform and resolutions from well before 1:00 p.m. They asked the Sergeant at Arms at the microphone if their places in line would be honored when they returned for the 9:00 meeting. He took down names and promised that they would be allowed to speak in the same order that they had been standing for hours.
Some delegates returned from dinner early and found that there were people standing in line at the microphones and learned from the Sergeant at Arms that a ruling by the Chairman was that prior order would not be honored. The Sergeant at Arms and the people in favor of the new platform finally agreed to keep the old order, therefore, they returned to their previous positions in line. Later, we learned everyone was so accommodating because the other side knew who was at each microphone, their order and position (information gleaned from the previous line-up list).  

Upon re-entering the arena for the resumed general session, we noted that no one was checking credentials to see who entered the area. In fact, nobody checked for GOP convention credentials when we entered the building! No verification of delegates was made to ensure that those who would be voting on the rules and platform were actually delegates. As has been the practice in past conventions, there was no area clearly marked for visitors and alternates in order to separate them from delegates. Shortly after 9:00 p.m., the meeting was called back into order, but there was a new wrinkle. No one knew for sure if there was a quorum and, at that late hour, it seemed that no one wanted to force a count to determine a quorum. Although a request was made by a delegate to recess the meeting until the next morning – out of respect for the obviously missing delegates – the request was denied by the Chairman who stated “it looks like there are as many here as before.”  

The Chair then reopened the Rules debate and that continued for some estimated 45 minutes. Then the Platform was taken up for debate with Immigration taking a center stage. There was a motion from the floor to allow a special privilege for former State Senator and present Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, Jerry Patterson, to make a statement regarding the Immigration plank. Land Commissioner Patterson used every psychological tool possible to emotionally entice the crowd (cited he is a marine, a Vietnam veteran, the author of the Texas concealed carry law, etc. – all noble things). Patterson went through a litany of things that needed to be done to secure the border, identify who was in the country etc. and then made a passionate plea to pass the “Texas Solution” as a way to address the illegal immigration problem. (It has since been reported that Norman Adams is soliciting contributions, at least $100,000, for Senator Patterson as an honorarium or campaign contribution.) Patterson has declared himself to be a candidate for Texas Lt. Governor in 2014.

Please see:  and listen for the “uh-oh” at the beginning. 

The floor was then opened to debate and there was a motion to reject the “Texas Solution” and return to the wording in the 2010 Platform. By a voice vote, the attempt to substitute failed.  

Here is the problem with this voice vote: The Chair did not give instructions that only delegates could vote. As a result, everyone in the arena voted, whether delegate, alternate, guest, visitor, student, page or sergeant at arms. There was no checking of the various delegations as to who was voting, a violation of Rule No. 15, and the results of all votes taken after 9:00 p.m. should be invalidated due to this defect alone.  

There was a motion to put teeth into the “Texas Solution” by requiring the use of E-verify in all government contracts, and the motion was voted down by an estimated around 60 to 40 based on the voice/yell vote- but this includes those not authorized to vote.
Bottom line: Sitting in a seat or simply being present in the arena did not make one an eligible, credentialed delegate voter! Voice votes and show-of-hand votes were entirely subjective. Not once did the chair call for a roll call vote or instruct that only delegates could vote. 
Approximately 15 minutes later, the question on acceptance of the entire Platform as submitted was called, even though many had not had an opportunity to speak on other issues; approximately one hour had been allocated to the discussion of the Platform.  

Those who brought forward the “Texas Solution” had thoroughly prepared and had superior communications, but their most important asset was Chairman Munisteri. The Chairman’s intentional manipulation of the Agenda Rules and Platform portions of the Convention gave them this victory. Had there been a full and proper seating as somewhat existed between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. the outcome would have been much closer and it is likely that the 2010 plank would have remained, even if it required a simple division of the house (a standing vote) or a roll call vote. 

It costs a lot to finance the convention and some big donors to the party have never liked the Immigration planks. Some have allegedly refused to give donations because of such planks in the platform or other party positions. Some believe that the Chairman has acquiesced to the demands and offers of the large donors and the reason why the party no longer has a cash problem. This is why the “Texas Solution” is more properly called the “Texas Surrender.” 

There are other potential problems that exist as well. When the Chairman did not follow proper procedure for seating the assembly, not one person in county or senate district leadership uttered any objection. Whether because of the lateness of the hour, or that some or all, knew how things were to proceed in advance is unknown and yet to be determined. The order of business for the next day started at 8:00 a.m.!  

What comes in 2013?
The 2010 Platform Planks gave a general directive to all levels of government whereas there is nothing in the “Texas Solution” that can be addressed by the Texas Legislature. We cannot expect any immigration bills to be introduced and passed, as it was designed this way by those who crafted the plank.  

The “Texas Solution” also is designed to undercut the stated Romney position on immigration that is somewhat similar to the 2010 platform. The surrender of 10th Amendment rights in the immigration area leaves us open to attack at the federal level on several other laws including voter photo ID and wage theft. Expect to see pro-human-trafficking groups pointing to Texas as accepting the possibility of the DREAM Act or other amnesty initiatives.

What comes in 2014? 
The pro-amnesty advocates left some of the 2010 Immigration language scattered throughout the Platform so that the claim can be made that not all had been deleted from the Platform. At the next convention in the same location in Fort Worth, you will likely see them attempting to remove those sections until there are none left. This approach is a simple progressive negotiation tactic with the goals of: 1) Assure future deletions of the platform language regarding illegal aliens and the enforcement of the rule of law to appease the human trafficking (cheap labor) donors and 2), appease liberal Hispanic interest groups, and 3) to do so without alarming the party base by reaching too fast for their ultimate goal.  

Was all of this worth so much expense, time and duplicity? Certainly, it is hard to believe that the Chairman and Senator Patterson would engage in such manipulative actions.  

The financial problems of the Republican Party of Texas cannot be ignored in discussing motivation. The party has had a problem with credibility, most of the problem relating to the voting records of state office elected officials. The problem of credibility is further exacerbated by telling the base of the party that their position on illegal aliens and immigration is no longer relevant. Why would anyone give their hard-earned dollars to a party that dismisses the risk to citizens of Texas?  

If the party base has not been and will no longer support the state party, this leaves the big money donors in complete control over the party – exactly what they want. 

It is important to remember that Adams, Hotze, Blakemore and the others taking credit for the “Texas Solution” are only paid front men (surrogates) for those who benefit from human trafficking and the establishment of a permanent class of low paid workers. The real backers of this effort hide in the background pulling the strings. The greatest eye opener for any citizen is to go to the Texas Ethics Commission website at:  http://www.ethics.state.tx.us/.  At this website you can find out who gives, and how much, to elected officials and political actions committees (PACs). Once you see how much is paid to office holders, your view of them will never be the same.

Watching their voting records and comparing to how much they receive is an amazing revelation. Just by looking at the amount an office holder receives from certain persons or sectors will give you an uncanny ability to predict how they will vote.
If any of the above information seems too outlandish to accept, please see the following link where one of the participants is bragging about how all of this was accomplished:
 Texas GOP Platform Much Improved – Takes Lead on Immigration Reform

The above link also seems to imply that the “Texas Solution” was designed to undercut Romney’s own immigration position.
In terms of Presidential runs, it is not too early to prepare for 2020. Florida, Texas and even California votes could be easily taken by Democrats who add presently illegal aliens to the voter lists; therefore, the establishment GOP in Texas has obviously decided to surrender the rule of law, the security of Texas citizens and legal residents, and our fiscal future for the sake of their pocketbooks and calculated political expediency. 
Additional parties taking credit for changes to the RPT Platform and their agenda: The Hard Work Clean Hands Initiative  

See the bios and also read the website.

What will GOP Platform Committee propose on immigration at RNC?

Note: A Google search of “clean hands” and “MALDEF” reveals that this is a frequently used term by the group MALDEF, the Mexican American Latino Defense Fund that is also involved with the Reconquista movement.
More people killed in human trafficking accident than in the Aurora, Colorado shootings. Human-smuggling organizations use city as the first stop in pipeline to disperse immigrants around U.S. 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


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