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Defend Texas ~ Kevin Freeman “Secret Weapon” Builds a Contingency Plan for Texas

The big announcement at the Keller Boiling Point Tea Party!

Kevin Freeman author of the book “Secret Weapon” along with Texas Legislators and Tea Party/Grassroots activists from across the state announced they will be taking the lead on building a contingency plan to “Defend Texas” against the real threat of financial terrorism. We will send a clear message to those who would try to collapse our financial system ~ Don’t Mess With Texas!  

“Osama bin Laden stated that one of his principal goals was to bankrupt America. We ignore the economic threat posed by radical Islam at our peril. Secret Weapon by Kevin Freeman is a must read for Americans who want to understand the critical role that financial warfare plays in our ongoing struggle with radical Islam and other forces hostile to American interests.” —Tom Pauken Former Reagan administration official and author of Bringing America Home

Do we have a plan for the state of Texas to survive? The answer is NO.

Should we have a plan in place, Yes!

The How and Why we must have a plan!  

Economic Terrorism – Part 1

Grassroots/Tea Party activists from across the state of Texas are working hard to build  Communication teams at the local level so we can  help drive the narrative. Kevin Freeman was on our weekly call this week to discuss this Contingency Plan that is being developed. We know that the media will not be on our side. Therefore we must be the media and get the truth out to our friends and neighbors. We will stand and salute the brave elected officials who will champion this cause and fight for Texans.

Kevin Freeman had a working session with a group of concerned Texans which included many elected officials. It was agreed upon unanimously that this is a battle worth fighting.



Other Legislators sent representatives (Senator Jane Nelson and Van Taylor) 

Stephanie Klick was unable to attend but was invited and is aware of this cause.   

If your elected representative is not on the above list please contact them and let them know you expect them to be a champion in the cause.

In addition we call on Gov. Perry to STAND With Us and DEFEND TEXAS. 

Another way we are taking on the media is by being apart of the Engage America Team.  

If you have not signed up please do so ASAP. Engage America is a technology platform that gives us the ability to engage in the conversations and debates on issues in four key areas that will impact our lives and decide the direction our great country will take in the future for our children and grandchildren.  They now have a special section dedicated to Texas. 

I hope you will join me in this opportunity and take advantage of the time that you spend on line and be rewarded for your efforts through Engage America’s Eagle Rewards program. It is key to have your voice heard in the months leading up to the 2012 election and beyond.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


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2 Responses to “Defend Texas ~ Kevin Freeman “Secret Weapon” Builds a Contingency Plan for Texas”

  1. Michael Gallops Says:

    Alice, You said, ” They now have a special section dedicated to Texas.” Can you tell me where that section is?



  2. Alice Linahan Says:

    Hey Michael if you will e-mail Engage America they will help get you set up and answer all questions you may have. The section on Texas is in the Social Media Command Center.
    The e-mail is david@engageamerica.com. Be sure and tell him I ask him to help you get set up.
    Together we can make a huge difference. Thank you!!

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