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Texas STAAR testing


Sent from E. W. Burt, Business/Marketing Teacher, Blanket ISD:

CSCOPE Study – Compiled by 9th Grade Business Class, Blanket ISD, Blanket, Texas  



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My business class asked me what CSCOPE is and if it works. I told them, “Let’s find out if schools that use CSCOPE score better or worse compared to schools that do not use it.”

To this end, we took a list of CSCOPE schools and a list of STAAR/End-of-Course scores (2011-12 School Year) from public schools statewide.  Each class member took a portion of the more than 1,000 Texas public schools and recorded the STAAR/EOC test results on a spreadsheet.  We compared Algebra I, Biology I, English Writing 1, and Geography. Here is what we found:

 Percent of test takers scoring unacceptable on STAAR/EOC tests –


Algebra I

   CSCOPE                   20.35%     

   Non- CSCOPE         13.74% 

48% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE


Biology I

     CSCOPE                14.86%     

     Non- CSCOPE       10.50%

42% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE


English Writing I

     CSCOPE                  46.30%   

     Non- CSCOPE       39.48%

19.57% more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE



     CSCOPE                 23.30%   

      Non- CSCOPE      17.78%

37.06%  more CSCOPE students scored unsatisfactory than Non-CSCOPE


Average 36.67% higher unsatisfactory rate among CSCOPE students on all tests


*Over 950 Texas ISDs surveyed


Data from




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