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Conservatives – We Will Fight – We Will Fight

By Dennis G. Scharp

This past weekend was again very telling when it comes to where the conservatives stand relative to the GOP candidates. We heard the three conservative candidates speak at CPAC on Friday while the 
Libertarian campaigned in Maine.

Looking at the results of the CPAC Straw-poll:
Romney 36%, Santorum 31%, Gingrich 15%, other(s) 18% 

In the Maine Caucuses (all non-binding)
Romney 36%, Paul 31%, Santorum 16%, Gingrich 8%, Other(s) 9%

So, what is this really telling us?

1. 64% of the voters believe Romney is not conservative

2. Conservatives are telling the GOP Establishment “We are not accepting your “good ol’ politics” as usual candidate.

3. Romney is not predestined to be the GOP Nominee – he is beatable (and should be)

I truly believe that this is our time:

1. Our time to stand on our conservative principles — no more “lesser of …”

2. Our time to stand up to the GOP

3. Our time to restore the GOP or have it go bust

4. Our time to show Obama the door (and with a swift kick)

5. Our time to restore our country or learn how to vote with our feet

Have you seen “Red Tails”? Our montra must be that of the Tuskegee Airmen: “We Will Fight, We Will Fight, to the last person, WE WILL FIGHT!!!” 



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