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As an established leader in New Media with Voices Empower and the Tea Party Movement, Alice brings audiences a servant’s voice with a heartfelt, funny tone and when truth needs to be told in a bold fresh manner Alice can deliver. She brings alive the stories from the trenches of the movement that is taking America by storm.

Alice has been described as “Passionate in everything she does and she is proof that one person can make a difference. She is an invaluable asset to the cause of Journalistic integrity in Conservative politics. Highly organized, endlessly energetic and with a “nose” for where the real story is, she seems to be everywhere at once.”

Alice Linahan with Voices Empower at the Spicewood Tea Party “Taxed Enough Rally”!


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Topics: Building and effective Communication Team within your organization, Tea Party Movement, Progressive infiltration into America, New media and how to hold the liberal media accountable, blogging to make a difference, social media, online marketing and public relations, online grass-roots organization, political fundraising and preparation for the ground game to take back America in 2012.

Travels From: Dallas, Texas

Fees: Commercial fees negotiated on a case by case basis. Requirements: 1 ticket, round-trip airfare; rental car allowance, 3+ star hotel for 2 nights.

Contact: alice@voicesempower.com or 972-322-8313


Specializes in social media integration, media relations, strategic planning. and front-line marketing. Alice has a solid track record of results which has clearly been seen recently in her hard work in the trenches of the tea party movement.