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Confirmation- “Wells Report” KSKY AM 660 Today at 5:05 pm – Drive Time Baby!!

Jon-David Wells KSKY AM 660

Exciting News-  I just received confirmation that I will be in-studio at 5:05 with Jon-David Wells AM 660 KSKY discussing the release of the Women On The Wall.org  “No Pledge To Joe Straus” video which is shown below.

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Texas House Representatives Are On The Take……

“Basically what we have in Texas is a bunch of elected officials who are on ” The Take”  and are putting their name on the list as willing to be funded for their reelection campaign by the Speaker of the Texas House.

Question, is there something wrong with this picture?

Here is a great explanation from the North Texas Tea Party on how this Pledge Card System works.”


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  1. Mike O Says:

    Great! I hope to get a chance to listen. Glad you found my explanation of the Pledge Card system worth passing on.

    We WILL make this a Campaign issue in the primaries, brought up at EVERY candidate forum; the officeholders and candidates better have their explanations ready. Something other than ‘that’s just how Austin works’.

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