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Candidate Mike Leyman in State Race object of past APD internal affairs probe

This is an article cross posted from a great site “The Arlington Voice

by DJ Zitko 

State Rep. Candidate Mike LeymanDuring a recent forum, candidate Michael Leyman, a Republican challenger against incumbent State Representative Bill Zedler, was asked about his ten years of service with the Arlington Police Department.

An audience member questioned if he was the focus of an internal affairs investigation during his service. Leyman answered, “Yes.” When pressed to reveal the subject of the investigation, Leyman responded, “I’m not going into that. It’s none of your business.”

Mr. Leyman, why were you investigated and suspended ?

Following several weeks of investigation, the Arlington Voice has learned through an Open Records request that Leyman was the subject of an internal investigation involving sexual misconduct in 1971. From the depositions, the scenario can be pieced together vividly.

While working traffic and patrol in Future Park of Arlington, later renamed Richard Simpson Park, Leyman found a young couple in their vehicle engaged in sexual intercourse. After handing over their identification, the young man stepped out of the vehicle to speak with Leyman. Leyman advised him that his girlfriend could be arrested for indecent exposure. Leyman then asked to speak with his girlfriend privately 15 to 20 yards away where, according to the young man’s affidavit, they spoke for a “good period of time.”

The young woman accounts Leyman asking her a series of questions including where she went to school, how old she was, and even going as far as asking, “Were you having fun?”

After his private conversation with the young woman, Leyman talked to both of them together and asked the young man “why he shouldn’t arrest her.” After receiving an answer, he took down the young woman’s name, address, and “other information” but only took down the young man’s name and birth date.

Three hours later, at 8:15 p.m., Leyman phoned the woman at her home, asking her to meet him.

“Where?” the young woman repeatedly asked, to which he would respond, “I’ll let you know that if you’ll come.”

She asked if her boyfriend could come and was told by Leyman that he would “rather (she) would come alone.”

The young woman told police investigators Leyman wanted to meet her where she and her boyfriend had been engaged in their activity — near the back of the park. She initially refused, responding that she wasn’t going into the back of the park by herself at night. Leyman told her he would meet her at the front of the park in his police car instead. Giving her twenty minutes to arrive, Leyman said goodbye and hung up.

She reluctantly agreed but decided to go with her boyfriend, his step-father and a mutual friend. Upon arrival, they could not find Leyman’s vehicle. After waiting about 15 minutes and driving down to the lake and back, his police cruiser pulled into the park around 9 p.m. When Leyman approached her car, he spotted the three men ducked down in the back seat.

Her boyfriend challenged Leyman. “What are you doing calling my girlfriend?” Leyman denied making the call.

She retorted, “Did you stop us today?” Leyman admitted that he had.

She then told Leyman that she had noticed he did not have a name plate or a badge during the afternoon stop. Leyman said “I’ve got a badge, but no name plate.”

Her boyfriend asked the officer to identify himself. Leyman complied. Her boyfriend then taunted, “I hope you’ll have a good time looking for another job!” and advised Leyman they would see him in the office of Police Chief Herman Perry.

After the exchange, the woman and her companions went directly to the police station and filed a formal complaint against Leyman.

During five hours of interrogations, from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., the foursome answered questions from two police detectives and filed their affidavits.

Believing their fellow officer, who, from the beginning vehemently denied the validity of his accusers’ story, the detectives reported to the Police Chief that they “tried every trick in the book to break this girl and (sic) for her to admit she made this up – but she would not break.”

According to affidavits, it wasn’t until 3 a.m. that Leyman admitted to phoning the woman and that all her charges were true. Detectives then reported that they “started trying to get the (department) and officer out of the heat.”

Leyman was disciplined internally and received a three-day suspension without pay.

Records from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Educations show that Leyman continued to serve in the Arlington Police department for another eight years. He moved to the Mansfield Police department where he worked for seven years before moving to the Richardson Police Department for his longest stay of 16 years. Currently, Leyman is Chief of the Mansfield ISD Police Department.

Attempts to contact Leyman via phone and e-mail have been unsuccessful. However, he did extend additional commentary during the forum to the audience member who asked the question.

“Let me be very clear about this,” said Leyman. He paused before continuing, “Uh, that was in the very early part of my career…I served my time.”

“I don’t believe something I did as a young raw rookie is something I want to discuss tonight after a career of well over forty years,” said Leyman.

After listing his resume of law enforcement experience, Leyman challenged the audience member to go back and ask any one of his previous departments about his service.

Speaking with assurance of anonymity, four police officers, each of whom served with him for ten or more years, reported to the Arlington Voice that Leyman has an apparent pattern of abusing his authority for sexual gain.

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  1. Beth Brown Says:

    Thank you for this article! I am researching candidates in Tarrant County for my parents who have just moved to the area. I will make sure they are aware of Mike Leyman’s despicable behavior. They will not join in enabling him to gain more power and authority. Shame on those who have protected and promoted him!

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