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Call your Texas State Representative and say……….

Joe Straus Speaker Showdown

Slot Machine Joe Has Got To Go!

Texans are tired at the State level just like we are at the National level with elected officials who disregard rules and the voice of the people.

Please take the time to watch this video made to expose the good ol’ boy Pledge Card system in Texas and the corruption in Texas politics at the hand of Speaker Joe Straus. Then read the article by the team at Agenda Wise below that spells out just some of the corruption.



Conservatives, TreyMart, and TLR

In a new letter to the Democrat caucus pushed by Quorum Report, Trey Martinez-Fisher turned up the heat on Joe Straus.

Conservatives can agree with Martinez-Fisher that Straus is a serious problem.

Conservatives cannot agree with Martinez-Fisher that Straus is Texans for Lawsuit Reform’s best friend. He is not. From a legislative perspective, Straus was made speaker by, and inflates the influence of, the party that opposes tort reform.

Before the 82nd Legislature, when the horse racing interests that Straus belongs to still had some hope of passing slot machine legislation, Democrat Megadonor Steve Mostyn became an owner of the Lone Star Park racing license. Straus also opposed TLR in several 2012 primaries.

Straus is less a friend of TLR than he pretends to be.

However, Straus angered Democrats with his disregard for the rules, and the consequences his behavior had on redistricting. Straus punished conservatives in redistricting, too.  Disregard for rules is a legitimate problem that weakens the state of Texas, and Straus should be held to account for it.

But the Trey Martinez-Fisher saga would obscure reality if it repaired well-earned cracks in Straus’ relationship with TLR and falsely painted conservatives as enemies of TLR. 

Texas Grassroots Conservatives are leading the way in activating a ground game to take Speaker Straus out of his position as Speaker.  Thankfully Texas State Reps. have the option of voting for a true Conservative for Speaker of the House who is ready to take on the job of giving power back where it belongs…. To the People!

Reporting from the Texas Tribune….

State Rep. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola and a candidate for speaker of the House, promised his colleagues on Thursday that he will decentralize power in the lower chamber if he is elected.

“Over time it is natural for power to be concentrated, and this session provides us an opportunity to reverse this trend, and to move power out of the Speaker’s office and back to the members,” Hughes wrote in a letter to House members less than 48 hours after polls closed in the general election. 

Hughes said he would decentralize power in the House, by increasing the number of seniority seats on committees and making all committees subject to seniority appointments. Hughes wrote that he would champion a mechanism that would allow bills with broad support to be brought to the House floor for debate. In the past, some controversial bills have been curbed in House committees. 


I urge you to take the time to listen to the message Bryan Hughes gave Texans at the Freedom Rally at the Alamo, then you decide who is the most Conservative Speaker in the Texas House and if it is worth your time to make a difference by calling your State Rep. Our only hope is to fight off the Federal government led by Obama by putting people in place who are not afraid to take on big issues and face reality of what is happening in America. 

Make sure your Texas House Representative or Representative-elect hears from you on this issue!” Here is a list of them
Blessings are abundant in Texas but we must work hard daily to keep it that way. Thank you for continuing to be in the battle. 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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