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Call to Action ~ Join the Movement ~ Are you Texas Bold or Texas Weak Mr. or Ms. State Rep?

Texas Bold ~ Speaker Showdown

Texas State Reps. Please listen up~

From friend :

I got paid today. Several hundred dollars less and I am paid bi-weekly, which means double the loss for the month. I have to make some personal cuts from my life now. This means others will not be getting from me what they once received. Money taken out of the economy to “punish the rich” that is, in fact, punishing not the so-called “rich” but the true purpose of PROGRESSIVES, which is to punish us. We, The People. Does Boehner and ALL the Rep’s in the House fully realize what they did the other day? If any person in Congress, and those up for re-election in the Senate in 2014, who voted YES on raising our taxes, gets re-elected, then the voters of that district or state are one of a few things:

1) Progressives.
2) Communists.
3) Liberals.
4) Low Information Voters.
5) Democrats.
6) RINO’s.
7) Asleep.
8) Just don’t care.
9) The Candidate his or herself.

You cannot legislate the poor into afluency. You cannot legislate “fair” to one group because it’s ALWAYS UN fair to another. You should not lie, steal, rape, murder, plunder, ingratiate, befuddle, confuse, smear, nor infiltrate the power structures because power seized, not bestowed, often burns the hand that seizes it.

America? Are you out there? If this continues, you won’t be for long.

Texas House Speaker Showdown

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From the site ~ www.SpeakerShowdown.com

Texas is a state where the rules apply fairly to all sides…right? Well, not if Joe Straus stays Speaker of the House.

Joe Straus opposes Gov. Perry, Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, the majority of the House, and grassroots Texans when it comes to most issues. And it shows.

When Gov. Perry proposed a set of common sense budget guidelines in his Texas Budget Compact, Straus wouldn’t sign on.
When Obama trumpeted that “we can’t cut our way to prosperity” so we need to raise taxes, well, Straus was right there with him saying the exact same thing. (Seriously, you can check it out here.) Well, we can’t tax our way to prosperity either, Speaker Straus!

Winston Churchill

“We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”
Winston Churchill
Texans America is being SOLD OUT by the Political Class ~ It does not matter whether there is an R or a D by their name.
Please Call, Tweet, Facebook and e-mail do what ever you can between now and Jan. 8th to let your State Rep. know it is time for them to Stand up straight and accept the burden.  This is not about what pork they can take back to their district , this is not about what committee assignment they get. To be frank this is not about them and their power or positon. This is about Texas!! 
“Middle-class workers will take a bigger hit to their income proportionately than those earning between $200,000 and $500,000 under the new fiscal cliff deal, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. Earners in the latter group will pay an average 1.3 percent more – or an additional $2,711 – in taxes this year, while workers making between $30,000 and $200,000 will see their paychecks shrink by as much as 1.7 percent – or up to $1,784 – the D.C.-based think tank reported. Overall, nearly 80 percent of households will pay more money to the federal government as a result of the fiscal cliff deal.”
Do you realize what effect the new deal Boehner cut with Obama will have on Texans?
How the New Limits on Deductions and Exemptions Might Work

Click Photo to see the interactive chart

The tax deal reached by Congress would begin phasing out personal exemptions and many deductions for people with adjusted gross incomes over $250,000 for singles and $300,000 for couples. The impact on a hypothetical couple earning $400,000 a year, with two children, would vary by state.

CCH ran two hypothetical cases for me, which you can see in the accompanying graphic. The first examined a family of four in New York with $400,000 in adjusted gross income and $79,000 in total itemized deductions. The household pays the A.M.T. in both 2012 and under the new tax rules in 2013. They pay just $790 more in 2013, but that includes $1,350 in new Medicare taxes. (The total does not include the Social Security payroll tax that has been restored to its prerecession level.)

A family in Texas, however, might have the same income but lower property taxes and no income tax and thus lower deductions for its federal tax return. Their deductions are just $43,700, but they end up being hurt more by the new rules. They would have no A.M.T. liability in 2013 and would end up paying $3,852 more, or about $2,500 if you don’t count the $1,350 from the new Medicare tax. 

So I ask you Mr. or Mrs. Texas State Rep.  are you willing to fight for Texas or are you willing to go along with a Speaker of the House who ….. “When Obama trumpeted that “we can’t cut our way to prosperity” so we need to raise taxes, well, Straus was right there with him saying the exact same thing. (Seriously, you can check it out here.) Well, we can’t tax our way to prosperity either, Speaker Straus! 

Again this is not about you, it is much bigger than you!! Although YOU are who God has put in place for “Such A Time As This” I encourage you please listen to Texas Conservative Hawk Bill Zedler, take it in and soak it up.

Now be TEXAS BOLD vote against Joe Straus and for David Simpson for Speaker of the House in Texas!!

If you are a Conservative Texas State Rep. I highly recommend that you read this article. Texas conservative responsibility before deciding who to vote for as Speaker of the Texas House. 

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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