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Call to Action from the Lone Start Tea Party Communication Team

Lone Star Tea Party

~Just the right message at just the right time from our friends at the Lone Star Tea Party Communication Team.



1. Educate yourself well enough to speak or write about the issues, like unsustainable spending, massive debt, Obama care and so on, material is endless on the internet and you don’t have to write a book. Next month we send out talking points.

2.Learn to use the social media, facebook, twitter, email and so on, build a sphere of influence, friends, family, neighbors, church members and your kids, you’ll find most are already there. Youtube.com has instructions for them all.

3. Get your email addresses in order, make sure they are up to date for friends and family.

4. Learn to use the blue menu bar at LSTP, run your mouse over it to see the sub menus which include links for contact numbers for all our elected officials including Texas state reps. and are you registered to vote (a cool link).

5. As members we are all recruiters for LSTP, please make every effort to bring others onboard. We’d like to see 1000 members soon.

6. Please consider a donation to LSTP (donate button), Saturday we start construction on our new studio and office. With 19 days left we are short of our $5000. goal at $3314. We need $5000. to get the max matching funds. Yes, we do have something special planned for the opening..

7. Attend your local Tea Party meetings

Right now follow the steps above, get your info in order and ready to go, get focused on the task at hand (one term and out to stop the socialist advance).

Our mission starts with the 7 items listed and will build from there all the way to November 6TH.  we will ask you to ramp it up as each month passes. “Standby for action”.

If you or a conservative family member do not have a computer, call us or send email, we have folks that can get you a free computer, it won’t be new but it will be a computer. What other Tea Party is doing that? (you will need internet service).

Keep in mind news stories rotate about every 12 hrs at LSTP, 90% are archived.

We’ll talk about all this on Fridays Blog Talk Radio Show “Chaos Radio #21”


Visit Lone Star Tea Party at: http://lonestarteaparty.us/?xg_source=msg_mes_network


Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


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“Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!” 


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