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Call for Conservative Information “Pushers”

Call for Conservative Information "Pushers"

It is time to Blog and then AGGREGATE and DISSEMINATE!! 

Here are the sites I mentioned in my talks  in Fort Worth and Plano.








I had a great time tonight speaking in Fort Worth with WomenOnTheWall.org, 912 Ft. Worth, the LibertyLinked.com Team and the awesome Kevin Jackson of the Black Sphere.  

Thank you to all those who came and supported this event and are engaged in the battles ahead. If you will remember I promised I would embed the below video so you could all be Conservative Information “Pushers” and get this video out to your friends and neighbors. If we are going to take back our country we need to take a few plays out of the left’s hand book. 

Why is the left so successful? Just like Drug Dealers they have Pushers on the streets and boots on the ground in communities through Acorn like organizations. The politicians and liberal media create the content laden propaganda which they  get out to their pushers who take it into the communities. Basically they beat us because they have the Pushers on the streets and on the Internet. 

It is a new day dawning and now  truth and information comes out by flipping the funnel at the local level and making a difference in our own communities. 

The video below is a perfect example of the kind of effective and educational pieces that can be produced at little cost. It just takes time, effort and knowledge. 





Stand Up, Question with Boldness, Hold to the TRUTH and Speak without fear!

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” –Billy Graham

Boots on the Ground Workshops – The Power of Compounding Activists

Papis Tex Mex

Join the fun at Papis in Argyle, Texas

I am happy to come and do a hands on workshop in your area or join me in Argyle on Monday Sept. 12  from 4:30 – 6:30 at Papis and bring your laptop. We will have the whole restaurant to ourselves!! If you don’t have one let me know and we can get you taken care of.

The Grassroots Boots on the Ground workshop provides the roadmap for building a communications team to utilize the new media tools of blogs, online videos, photos, podcasts, bulletin boards, social networks and other social media related websites to aggregate and disseminate the stories and information that people in your local area need to know about.

We provide an effective educational program for real people to flip the funnel of how information is disseminated.

The Challenge………

How do we take information from inside out to the people so they may be empowered with knowledge?

The Answer………

We create the environment for good content to be developed from the ground up. Next we teach your group or organization how to aggregate and disseminate information to reach the passive majority.

Based on the idea of the:

  • Passive Majority
  • Engaged Minority
  • Self-Empowered online Leader

Your Instructor:

Alice Linahan is a respected and well-known new media expert within the Tea Party movement on the National and State level. During the Boots on the Ground Workshop you will learn her techniques, which she developed over the years as an online new media publisher with Resolute Media Group. She will show how she grew into playing an integral part in holding politicians and the progressive/liberal media accountable by getting real stories out to the passive majority.

To schedule a workshop in your area contact Alice Linahan at

alice@voicesempower.com or call 972-322-8313

Knowledge is Power~ Click and share with your friends!

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