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Call for Conservative Information Pushers~ Friday Night Fun

We The People ~VS ~ The Establishment/ Pundits  

Friday Night Fun at  Copeland’s of New Orleans in South Lake, Texas

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Join us  at Copeland’s of New Orleans and celebrate Rick Santorum’s big win in Louisana by getting trained on how to “Drive the Narrative” using Social Media. 

When: Friday night March 30th 6:30 – 9:30

Where: Copeland’s of New Orleans 

1400 Plaza Place inside the Hilton Southlake Town Square

Southlake, Texas 76092

Cost: $20.00 cover at the door for the training. 

You will be able to purchase dinner, appetizers  and cocktails during the training

Space is limited so RSVP now to alice@voicesempower.com 

Bring your Laptops~ Free WiFi is available! 

Voices Empower is calling you to action:

Here is what will be on the agenda.

~ Driving the Narrative 

The political elite have been extremely successful at pushing their agenda into communities.  This has been done by controlling the mainstream media and using the Acorn model of going into the community, creating relationships, and organizing messengers to push their agenda using New Media/ Social Media.

But when Conservatives are empowered to drive the narrative we can reverse the stronghold of the political establishment therefore affecting the 2012 primary and general elections.

We will train Conservative Information Pushers to push back the political elite’s narrative and tell their friends and neighbors about who they will be voting for.

As Foster Friess says….. “Do we want to be governed by rules and regulations or do we want to be inspired by virtues and values.”

~Texas Primary

The Process for who we elect as a TEXAS DELEGATE to the GOP National Convention 

We are so fortunate to have Dianne Edmondson who has prepared this information for us. This will be key in organizing should we go to an Open Convention in Tampa, Florida.

“Since the Texas delegation will be bound for the first ballot at the National Convention based upon the proportional vote in the Primary for each of the Presidential candidates, National Delegates will not be “assigned” to any one candidate, but the 155 votes will be reported proportionately to the CD and statewide May 29 Primary vote.  If no candidate is nominated on that first ballot, the Texas National Delegates will be free to vote for whomever they choose on the second and succeeding ballots. Thus it is very important to send as National Delegates people who will be a second-ballot vote for the candidate you support.”~ Dianne Edmondson 

~Flipping the Funnel

We will be taking the methods of the Rick Santorum Grassroots campaign and implementing them for the state and local level races. This information will be key for all grassroots candidates who will be running against moderate incumbents such as Joe Straus.

Our training in San Antonio this past weekend was a huge success and we want to keep that momentum moving forward to elect Consistent Conservatives such as Matt Beebe.

and Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum 


Grab your Tea and Follow me! It’s a Peaceful Revolution!


2012 Summit invite

Voices Empower will be at the 2012 True The Vote National Summit. Will You?

If you are a candidate, a business or if you have a blog  and you would like to advertise in the program given to class participates across the state of Texas please contact Alice at alice@voicesempower.com or call 972-322-8313.
Matt BeebePlease Note Voices Empower is an LLC and has the right to not take advertising dollars from any candidate, business or blog who is not a Clear. Consistent. Conservative.  

Below are the advertising rates:

Back Cover $1000

Full Page $750

Half Page $500

Quarter Page $250

Logo included on all online promotions of workshops across the state with link to your campaign website or business $500. 


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