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Call For Conservative Information Pushers! Foreign Policy Presidential Debate Tonight!

Tonight, November 22nd, the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute are sponsoring a GOP Presidential debate on foreign policy and national security. The debate will be aired on CNN at 8pmET and be moderated by Wolf Blitzer. 

They have created a special website just for the debate that I hope you will check out. Included on the site are issues and important points we hope the candidates will cover! Additionally, we have a fun little section where folks can sign up to get a FREE debate watch party kit!  

There is a  a poll up on Facebook to gauge which foreign policy issues matter most to folks (check it out here!).

As I have said in earlier posts (Rick Perry’s Success Story: He Reached the Passive Majority) we are so addicted to the propaganda that we will not do what it takes to educate ourselves on the real issues and protect our children and our grandchildren.  

This debate is an opportunity to dive into the foreign policy issues America faces today and where the GOP Presidential Candidates line up! 

Help me push the word out!! Together we can reach the Passive Majority!! 


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I would appreciate  the opportunity to stand side by side with you in the battles ahead!

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