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Burleson and Denton County Tea Party~ Thank you for giving me HOPE now let’s work hard and make the Change!

I had the honor of speaking this week to the Burleson Patriots Tea Party and the Denton Republican Tea Party. I always come a way with a new sense of hope after speaking to people I know are engaged and ready to do what ever it takes to save our State and our Country. 

 Knowledge is Power, Americans across this country are ready to face reality and fight the good fight. 

I wanted to give you links and information that I discussed during these two meetings. I hope you are encouraged to go out and share this information with your friends and neighbors. The Power of Compounding Activists~ 

Here is what you can do to make a difference~ 

Join Women across America and take a STAND 

I Pledge to STAND On the WALL with Women Across America~ 

Click Photo to Join Women all across the nation to STAND!

WomenOnTheWall.Org Pledge is motivated by a single issue: National Security threats that face our nation both foreign and domestic. The Obama Administration has gone out of its way to create a security environment that threatens America and Israel for future generations to come. Based on polling provided by Secure America Now in battleground states women consider national security a “High Priority” yet the Romney and RNC narrative on national security is still lacking, if they cannot we must in order to get Romney elected. 

Women On The Wall will fill that vacuum with a powerful, call to action for Women across America to come together to form a wall of security around our Nation to protect our children and grandchildren. “Women On The Wall” is where women all across America will unite and pledge to educate ourselves and others on the serious national security threats our nation faces. We pledge to educate fellow Americans to insure that we will not fall prey to elected leaders and Administrations that do not have America’s best interest at heart.

We will ask women to Join with Us and take their place on the Wall and help secure and save America for generations to come. We ask men join us by lifting us up onto the wall. Together we can make a difference!  
1. Do You Pledge to take time to educate yourself on the serious national security threats our nation faces so that we can protect our country for future generations?
2. Do You Pledge to share information you find about National Security threats America faces with your friends and neighbors?
3. Do You Pledge to ask other women of all faiths, colors and political backgrounds across America to join us on the wall? 
Why is the Narrative so Important? This is the one issue that can bring women of all faiths, colors and political backgrounds together to fight for America. This is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue it is an American issue. Obama is fundamentally changing the safety and security of America and our allies to an extent we may not recover from unless he is removed from office. In order to accomplish that the American people must be educated on the issue of National Security and the threats we face.WOMEN must STAND together now and demand a safe and secure nation for our families to live and thrive in.
Click Here to Stand with us to protect our children, America’s founding principles, and our sovereignty. 
Take the time to see the great work by the Texas Team at the Leadership Institute. 

VIDEO: SMU Alumnae Blast Leftist Panel, Sandra Fluke at Alma Mater

“One noteworthy questioner was Virginia Prodan, a Dedman (SMU) Law School graduate and immigrant from the former Soviet Republic of Romania. Prodan shared her story to the panel and others about how she had witnessed the fallout from government intervention in areas like health care during her time in Romania.” 
(By the way Virginia Prodan happens to be one an amazing woman in my book)


One of the best Videos produced this campaign season~ Awesome ~ Please watch and share>>>>>>>>   

Are you looking for a great cover photo for your Facebook Wall?

WOW~ Texas Speaker Joe Straus makes even David Dewhurst look conservative. Maybe that is why Grassroots/Tea Party folks are wanting to replace Joe Straus as Speaker of the Texas House! Here is a video that might explain why people are voicing their opinion to their local State Rep.’s who will be voting on who the Speaker will be  and saying it is time for a #SpeakerShowdown in January. 



Sec. 302.032.  LEGISLATIVE BRIBERY:  PROMISES OR THREATS.  A person commits an offense if, with the intent to influence a member of or candidate for the house of representatives in casting a vote for speaker of the house of representatives, the person:(1)  promises or agrees to cause:(A)  the appointment of a person to a chairmanship or vice-chairmanship of a house committee or subcommittee;(B)  the appointment of a person to a particular house committee or subcommittee, the Legislative Budget Board, the Texas Legislative Council, the Legislative Library Board, the Legislative Audit Committee, or any other position the speaker appoints;(C)  preferential treatment on any legislation or appropriation;(D)  the employment of a person;  or(E)  economic benefit to a person;  or(2)  threatens to cause:(A)  the failure to appoint a person to a chairmanship or vice-chairmanship of a house committee or subcommittee;(B)  the failure to appoint a person to a particular house committee or subcommittee, the Legislative Budget Board, the Texas Legislative Council, the Legislative Library Board, the Legislative Audit Committee, or any other position the speaker appoints;(C)  unfavorable treatment on any legislation or appropriation;(D)  the refusal of or removal from employment of a person;  or(E)  the withholding of economic benefit from a person.

Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 479, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1985.


So what are the narratives and content to be following right now and pushing out to your friends and neighbors.

Click the photos below~ 

~The Pigford Blues~

Please contact Alice Linahan at 972-322-8313 or alice@voicesempower.com if your group or organization needs training to drive the narrative.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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Knowledge is Power~ Click and share with your friends!

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