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By Jan Shedd

Bryan Hughes has announced that he will be running against Joe Straus for Speaker of the House.  The Kaufman County Tea Party supports his campaign, and will assist him in any way we can. After reading this, you will see why.

(Mineola) – Today Bryan Hughes commented on a recent lawsuit which was filed against Wood County, his home county in East Texas.
The Wood County Commissioner’s Court is being sued for its prayer before meetings and for the words “In God We Trust” on the courtroom wall.  
The lawsuit claims that these actions are unconstitutional.  Representative Hughes in his capacity as a private attorney is working with the Liberty Institute to defend the County in the case. 
Watch the KLTV 7 story here.  
“The constitution is clear. Wood county is absolutely operating within its legal rights in both the prayer to begin the commissioners court and in having “In God We Trust” in the courtroom,” said Hughes.  

Click Photo to see Video of Bryan Hughes.

“Especially with what’s going on in the Middle East right now, I am so thankful to live in a place where we enjoy freedom of religion, free speech, and where we settle our disputes peacefully and under the rule of law.”
Hughes commented on his unique role as a lawyer and a member of the Texas House of Representatives saying, “It’s not every day you get to go to work and defend the constitution. I’m blessed to have two jobs, one as an attorney and one as a State Representative where I am given the opportunity to stand for principles that make our nation great.”
Bryan Hughes has represented Texans in the State House for nearly a decade. He is also an attorney with a civil practice in Mineola. More information regarding Bryan Hughes can be found at here.

Suggest you send an appreciation note to Mr. Hughes.

 Texas Values will prevail.  

Texas Speaker of the House Candidate Bryan Hughes

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Scott Sanford ~ District 70

Stephanie Klick – District 91

Jonathan Stickland – District 92

Matt Krause – District 93

Craig Goldman – District 97

Giovanni Capriglione – District 98

Pat Fallon – District 106  


There is truly something special about this group of newly elected candidates for the Texas House. In addition to being small-government, principled conservatives, they seem to have an exceptional quality of character which most likely stems from their religious faith. Many of you know about the candidate whom you helped elect in your district but may not know about the exceptional candidates on the other side of the metroplex. So we are providing you with an opportunity to:

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  1. Ray Myers Says:

    Tea Party Texans for “God and Country and Traditional Texas Values!”

    Stay connected to this story-- the Atheists in Wood County have reared their ugly head in East Texas again. First, it was during Christmas 2011, in Henderson County and now it is beautiful Wood County. Well-- we did not back down then and we will not back down now.-- We stood up for our Nativity Scene in Athens and We will stand in Quitman for “In God We Trust!” The last time we went to bat for State Rep Bryan Hughes was when he had the guts to stand up against the Strong Arm Tactics (Chicago Style) of House Speaker Joe Straus. Representative Hughes outed the Straus team for wanting to cut an underhanded deal as security for his HD 5 Seat . We caught a ton of heat for calling Brian Hughes a Christian Conservative. This heat came in the form of the “Main Stream Media!”
    Well — I am doing it again-- Bryan Hughes is the Christian Conservative standing for our Texas Christian Values and ” In God We Trust!” Bryan will do battle with a Wood County Atheist. Stand by for a Court ruling on October 16. We will know then if the court upholds Wood County’s right to display, ” In God We trust” in their courtroom. In addition-- we will reserve the

    right to assembly if the court rules in the atheists favor. The last time the atheists tried this — we brought five thousand Christians to Athens, Texas. We will wait and see-- But Stand By-- we may have to bring out the “Come and Take It” Flag again. It is our, “In God We Trust” slogan and we will defend it. We will wait on Representative Hughes to say the word.
    Ray Myers
    Kaufman County Tea Party

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