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Breaking: Rick Perry, Islamist Takeover in Turkey

Fethullah Gulen Charter Schools in USA

Texas has 36 of these Turkish – Gulen – Cosmos Foundation – Harmony Charter Schools.

Texas Harmony Science Centers Hurst, Texas


For more information on Gulen Charter Schools in Texas and America……



“While most of us have been focused on the U. S. debt ceiling and the serious implications for the world’s financial markets, meanwhile another country has just fallen to the Islamists: Turkey.

Turkey has been friendly toward the United States for many years, and one of our largest bases is in Incirlik, Turkey.  This base is essential to our operations in the Middle East.

This last Thursday (7.29.11) Reuters News Service and the British Broadcasting Company broke the news that the Islamic Prime Minister of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, had seized control of the government and the military when Turkey’s top four military commanders (secularists who have stood against Turkey becoming an Islamist state) resigned under pressure.” Read more here. 



“While the United States has had its attention focused on Libya and Egypt, Turkey has slipped right into the hands of the Islamists under the influence of the Gulenists.  Under the two articles posted below, I have put the article that I wrote on 8.1.11 entitled “Gulen-Led Coup — Turkey Falls to Islamists.”  Today’s decision by Turkey to expel the Israeli ambassador was an orchestrated event to move Turkey, now under Islam leadership and Sharia law, into an anti-American, anti-Israeli position.” 

To learn more about the ongoing investigation of the Turkish – Gulen – Cosmos Foundation – Harmony Charter Schools (1.2.12) by the Texas Education Agency (i.e., $540,000 in “inadequately documented” federal grant funds), please go to: Turkish Schools in Texas Being Investigated by Texas Education Agency

11.22.11 – “How Naïve Can Americans Be?” – by Donna Garner —


6.11.11 – Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas” – New York Times —


10.24.11 – “Are Texas Turkish Charter Schools Really Public Schools?” by MerryLynn Gerstenschlager, Texas Eagle Forum


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