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Benghazi Matters~ We have a leader who lacks Resolve

In an article entitled  Benghazi vs. Reykjavik Karen Lugo talks about the resolve of Leaders and the consequences of a lack of resolve.

Resolve — encompassing the critical leadership traits of willpower, boldness and courage — is constituted from a reservoir of conviction that a cause is just and that commitment to the cause overrides personal political risks. When a leader is left with an array of less than ideal options, resolve enables focus on the choice that best protects core American interests.

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Women across America understand that to protect our children and grandchildren from threats both foreign and domestic we must elect leaders with resolve because if we do not the scenario in the linked video below will come true in the United States of America just like it is true on a daily basis in Israel.

The issues advocacy group WOMEN ON THE WALL™ (WOW) has released a dramatic new video that puts the viewer into a frightening but all too realistic scenario; a possible future Islamist attack on the United States. The one and a half minute film titled Avoidable uses data from each individual viewer’s Facebook account – including photos and location information – in order to raise awareness about the importance of national security issues before Election Day.

The video is available to watch via the group’s website WomenOnTheWall.Org as well as a dedicated site at SeekShareStand.com.

President of WOW Rebecca Forest said “We wanted people to remember the way they felt on the morning of September 11, 2001. It’s so easy for a mother in Ohio or Wisconsin to lose sight of the fact that events happening across the globe that can affect the lives of their families here in America.”

The video uses cutting-edge immersive technology that puts information from the viewer’s Facebook profile into the story. Only the person watching sees the video that uses their photos and location information. The result is a completely unique video that will be slightly different for every user and keeps everyone’s information safe and private.

“With all the other important issues in the election, it’s been very easy for voters to forget that without a realistic national security policy that correctly identifies the real threat to United States, nothing else matters,” said Alice Linahan board member of WOW. “The recent events in Libya and the Middle East were a wakeup call that there are still sworn enemies of the United States who intend to do us harm.”

WOMEN ON THE WALL™ (WOW) is calling on women across America to seek the truth, share the truth and to stand for the truth by pledging to educate themselves and others on the serious national security threats our nation faces.

Women On the Wall National Security Video

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Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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