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Behind the Doors of Turkish Gulen Charter Schools

By Donna Garner

Mary Addi is a former Gulen charter school teacher who tells in a YouTube what goes on behind the doors of the Gulen Schools.  Mrs. Addi is married to a Muslim man who is from Turkey himself, but she and her husband have traveled around the country telling the public of their great concerns about the Gulen charter schools.


In Texas, there are 38 Gulen charters; they are called the Harmony Schools and are run by the Cosmos Foundation.  Different states have different names for these Turkish schools, but they are all tied together with H1-B temporary visa male teachers and administrators from Turkey who constantly switch schools.


This YouTube of Mary Addi telling her story is gripping; and because of her involvement in Loudoun County, Virginia, she was able to help influence the Loudoun County School Board on Feb. 26, 2013, to vote 8 to 1 against opening the Loudon Math and IT Gulen Charter School.


Here is the YouTube link to Mary Addi’s story:   


Please read the details of the Loudoun Co. School Board meeting:




Mary Addi has set up her own website – http://www.charterschoolwatchdog.com/ –where people can find out more about these Turkish Gulen schools:


We here in Texas are pushing our Texas Legislature to establish safeguards for charter schools, and these safeguards need to be established in every state:

276Here are two sets of charter school safeguards that have been proposed by various experts.  


1. That a financial audit conducted under generally accepted accounting practices by an independent, reputable auditor be required – and publicly available – from any charter school operator applying for bond guarantees or other financial incentives;


2. That the name, address, and citizenship of all board members and key administrators applying for said guarantee(s) or other financial incentives issued by the state be recorded and made available to the public;


3. That the funds in the underlying bonds or other financial incentives to privately owned, publicly financed schools are to be used solely for schools within Texas;


4. Severe criminal penalties for fraudulent activities involving bond guarantees or other financial incentives issued by states – such as a Class 2 Felony for criminal or securities fraud violations.



Safeguards proposed in the 82nd Legislative Session in Texas but that the Texas Legislature did not pass:

1.  Proof of U. S. citizenship for all charter school operator board members and top five highest-paid administrators. (Public ISD trustees must be U. S. citizens.)

2.  Names, titles, and biographies posted online for all charter operator board members and top five highest-paid administrators.

3.  Check registers posted online. (Over 70 % of local ISD dollars are online.)

Here is a recent article from Massachusetts:  2.21.13 – “Turkish-born educators seek to expand charter schools in Massachusetts” – by Steven A. Rosenberg, Boston Globe:

6.6.11 – “Charter schools tied to Turkey grow in Texas” – New York Times —  by Stephanie Saul:  



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