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Be Bold Texas ~ But Choose your words carefully Laubenberg, Burkett and Sheets

As reported by Robert Garrett with the Dallas Morning News, Jodie Laubenberg stated she needed to choose her words carefully. 

Why is that?

State Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, R-Parker (2010 photo courtesy of Rep. Jodie Laubenberg)

“North Texas conservative state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg supports Speaker Joe Straus’ re-election as the Texas House’s presiding officer, even as outside groups are ratcheting up their rhetoric against Straus and anyone fearless enough to predict he’ll win a third term as speaker next month.

On Tuesday afternoon, Laubenberg, R-Parker, confirmed in a text message that she announced her decision to vote for Straus at a town hall meeting Monday night.

Laubenberg, who was in Austin attending a House committee meeting, declined to elaborate. At first, she cited the press of business. Later, she suggested she needs to choose her words carefully.”  

Could that be because it is illegal for a State Representative to vote for a Speaker in return for a committee assignment?

As Garrett goes onto say….

It may be coincidence, but one reason Straus appears far ahead in the speaker’s race is because he’s systematically tried to convert enemies into allies: A month ago, he created the Interim Committee on Texas Response to Federal Sequestration, to recommend ways Texas can prepare for looming federal tax increases and spending cuts scheduled to take effect Jan. 1 if Congress and President Barack Obama can’t agree on a deficit-reduction deal.

Laubenberg and Flynn are among the panel’s members, as Reps. Cindy Burkett, R-Mesquite, and Charles Perry, R-Lubbock. They also voted against Straus last year.

Interesting to note Kenneth Sheets and Cindy Burkett came out at a town-hall meeting as well in support of Straus. Reports from grassroots leaders who attended the Garland event stated. 

Kenneth Sheets and Cindy Burkett sold out to Straus!

I attended the so-called “Town Hall Meeting” put on by Representative Cindy Burkett, and Representative Linda Harper Brown this past Friday at the Hyatt Place Conference Center at Firewheel in Dallas.

To be blunt, I was insulted, horrified and finally outraged by what transpired at this event, and now more than ever it is clear that true conservative Texans need to be awake, aware and constantly vigilant if we are ever going to restore the will of the people as the guidance in our governance.

Rather than conduct a real, constructive Townhall Meeting, the Legislators decided to generate more fear and acrimony about coming changes in the national scene, and then offer the same old “tax break” dog and pony show regarding property taxes that so many of us have seen before, as their “offset” to the coming Obamalypse!

It was insulting to those in the audience who realized that “every time this subject has been addressed” during the Straus regime, its been a gigantic fiasco that only confused and outraged taxpayers, and that did nothing to actually reduce spending or cut property taxes.

Clearly the House members in attendance (Burkett, Brown, and Kenneth Sheets) sought to tear a page from the national Republican rhetoric (that cost them the White House). National Republicans focused on the issues that couldn’t be argued (cutting spending, reducing taxes) and ignored the substantive issues that the conservative majority are concerned about (immigration enforcement, outsourcing of American jobs, etc,,,,).

Texans expect our “conservative” representatives to cut spending and reduce taxes, this goes without saying. Cutting spending, and reducing taxes are what Texans have demanded for decades, nothing is new about this. That these Legislators asserted that this was going to be the focus of their efforts in the coming legislative session was clearly their “poorly considered” way of telling us that they were not going to concern themselves with our concerns over immigration enforcement, eminent domain, public private partnerships, or the unconstrained growth in government and self serving bureaucracies. This was surprising as part of the tax presentation presented by the TXCCRI (Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute) was a chart and discussion about the massive growth in public sector jobs (25% of Texas workers are employed at some level by government).  To be blunt, I’m a good listener, but the method and the subsequent Q&A for this presentation, really didn’t do much other than undermine the objective, as all parties involved contended that nothing they were proposing would cost any jobs or impact state workers in any way (with added emphasis that Teachers nor their pensions had anything at all to fear?).

Part of the “sermon” we sat through from Representatives Burkett and Brown was that this Town Hall meeting, and future similar meetings would be to bring similar “presentations” to the public, and solicit our views on the various tax and funding methodologies. Apparently, the original concept of a Town Hall meeting being one where the citizens shared our views, values and concerns with our Legislators, has now fallen into disfavor with Texas Republicans. Cynic that I am, I recognize that this new form of “town Hall”, if allowed to gain traction, will allow all elected officials to maintain the appearance that they are in touch with the citizens, without actually exposing any of them to the outrage growing among Texas voters and taxpayers.

Following the presentation on taxes, the Q&A session that followed quickly devolved into questions regarding the House Speaker, whereupon, all three Legislators did their very best to convince those in the audience that we didn’t realize how hard it was to be an elected House member. They all insisted that we (the citizens of Texas) were wrong about Joe Straus, wrong about his utilization and manipulation of committee appointments, legislative processes, and the calenders to “undermine and usurp our will”, and that Joe would never prevent or delay a bill he didn’t agree with. from getting a fair hearing. They all dismissed and diminished the concerns expressed by the audience insisting none of this has ever happened, but as an odd counterpoint, Cindy Burkett did mention that because of changes this past election cycle, Joe Straus would doubtless be more “flexible” and considerate. If none of the alleged corruption and self serving by Joe Straus and his lackeys occurred, why was it necessary to suggest that things might be different after the abysmal Republican national showing, and the marginal statewide election results?

At least 7 of the 25 or so people in attendance at this meeting were people I recognized as knowledgible, well informed members of area Tea Party groups and Republican grass roots organizations, and all are familiar with the antics of our corrupt House Speaker. That these Legislators by their words and actions, having used us in their re-election efforts, now seem enthusiastic to throw us under the bus, seems to mirror whats happening with the national media and some of the RINO’s in Washington. Cindy Burkett during the “spirited Q&A, commented dismissively that she “had taken an awful lot of flack from the Tea Party” over her choice last session to cowtow and then “lackey-up” (my words) to Joe Straus.

As an aside, during the primaries last spring, I spoke with Cindy at a Republican function where she said that she was “planning on supporting Straus” next session, offering as an excuse, that she wanted to be effective as a legislator, and that she wanted to be appointed to some committee’s to advance the conservative agenda. Not surprising, she was appointed to a committee, and now it’s apparently payback time. I despair though that anything that she of these other two Representatives will advance will benefit the conservative agenda, other than as an unintended consequence of by accident.

For reasons that defy understanding, all the Legislators seemed like “deer in the headlights” when members of the audience demanded that Joe Straus be replaced in the Speakers Chair. These Representatives were clearly uncomfortable with being forced to even discuss the issue. For some reason though, all three Legislators felt the need and found the courage to argue with their own constituents that Joe was a fine, truly conservative, effective House Speaker who was “misunderstood” and simply the victim of bad press. After each in their turn lionized Joe Straus, they all asserted (to much rumbling and then shouts) that they were pleased with their decision to vote for Joe Straus to remain speaker this session. It was at this point, near the end of this dog and pony show, that a woman, a Tea Party member from Garland, who was clearly upset by this demonstration of political self service and hypocrisy stood and shouted that Straus was corrupt and stormed out of the meeting.

I and several other outraged audience members likewise stormed out of the meeting, and I recall hearing the loud voices of those that remained arguing with House members all the way to the lobby exit.

In a nutshell, I felt angry, used, and a little dirty for having contributed, supported and worked to re-elect these Representatives. I assure you, this is a mistake that I will never, EVER make again.

I’ll be meeting with some of the other audience members later this week to compare notes and see what they came away from this meeting with. My initial discussions with these folks though indicate that many of them felt, to a lesser or greater degree, the same as I. Enthusiasm for the a trip to Austin in January seems to be growing though.

Thanks for your continued interest.

Ed Devine
Mesquite Tea Party 

While the Republican Establishment is calling on Texans to be Bold they continue to be cutting back room deals and believe that they are above the law.  

It looks like this video just released from WomenOnTheWall.org could not have come at a more perfect time. 

I will correct Robert Garrett on one thing……
Only 2 of the Texas 15 were defeated.  Erwin Cain decided not to run against  Dan Flynn and all were due to Straus using redistricting as punishment!  

If you are ready to take a stand call your State Representative today ,Here is a list of them. Tell them to vote for the most Conservative Candidate in the Race for Speaker; David Simpson and then join us in Austin Jan. 7th and 8th.

Click Photo for more details.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

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  1. David Dennis Says:

    I am truly impressed with the depth and determination of what you have said. Moreover, I am equally disgusted with RINO’s masquerading as conservatives. We must take charge of our future and resist in Texas what is happening nationally with the Republican Party. Thank you for your ability to offer insight and bring some order to the chaos known as governance.

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