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Ascension – Worst Case Scenario – Rick Perry’s Run for the Presidency

Please read Ascension by AgendaWiseReports.com  from August 13, 2011

“Texas conservatives have something really, really important to consider.It’s called “ascension” and, shortly after election day 2012, it could provide us a liberal Governor and Lt. Governor who could never win a normal election.What is “ascension”?    

This week we’ll consider some ascension scenarios, anticipating what can happen if Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst win their elections and have to resign with time left on their terms.

Worst case scenario

If Governor Perry steps down right away, as is customary, David Dewhurst would become the Governor, and the Senate from the 82nd legislature (not the then newly-elected 83rd legislature) would vote for his replacement. This new Lt. Governor would be the eventual Governor.

It could go even worse for conservatives than it first appears.

Sixteen Senate votes is all that’s needed to determine the new Lt. Governor, soon to be Governor. The 82nd Senate is has 12 Democrats. All the Democrats would need is four votes from liberal Republicans who lost primary challenges to conservatives, or who didn’t run for re-election.

They’d have little to lose politically, from the perspective of voters, and many of them have made of career of playing Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters. If they’re leaving the game, who knows what may happen!

Then, when Dewhurst steps down and the new Democrat Lt. Governor becomes Governor, the same crowd could elect a Democrat Lt. Governor to finish Dewhurst’s term.

Call this the worst case scenario for the lame duck 82nd Senate. Insiders may call it unlikely, and perhaps it is, but it is possible.

After all, Tom Craddick became speaker not so long ago with the help of a small group of “Craddick Democrats”. All a senate democrat would need, in this case, is four such republicans.


Weston Hicks

Weston Hicks researches and writes about associations in the Texas political realm, media choices, and political strategy. Over the past year he has advised on grassroots and voter initiatives. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at El Paso and a J.D. from University of Texas School of Law. He enjoys spending time with wife and three children, reading theology and political theory, and watching FC Barcelona. You can reach him at whicks@agendawise.com
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