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Arizona Debate~ Night of Bizarre moments

By Gary Bauer
Last night, Santorum and Romney clashed repeatedly, resulting in some really bizarre moments. At one point, Governor Romney tried to blame Rick Santorum for ObamaCare!

Clearly stung by the comparisons between RomneyCare and ObamaCare, the Romney camp searched hard to find some way to deflect the attack. Here’s what they came up with: Romney blamed Santorum for backing Arlen Specter in 2004. Five years later, Specter switched parties and ended up being a vote for ObamaCare. Thus, it’s Santorum’s fault. This was a huge stretch, and I’m not sure most viewers could follow that thought.

Another bizarre moment came when Congressman Ron Paul accused Santorum of being insufficiently pro-life. Excuse me? Santorum voted for major appropriations bills that included money for Planned Parenthood, therefore, according to Paul, Santorum supports Planned Parenthood. Right? Not exactly.

Rick Santorum has repeatedly fought Planned Parenthood funding. He voted for the larger bills only after the smaller fights over that specific issue were done. He has made it clear from day one of his campaign that as president he would defund Planned Parenthood.

Paul plays this game in reverse when it comes to earmarks. He routinely asks for earmarks, but then votes against the final bill knowing full well it will pass and he will still get his earmark. This way he can claim to be a champion against wasteful spending while never technically voting for the earmark he asked for!

But let’s take an even deeper look at this. Who is being attacked right now by the media, Planned Parenthood and all the other pro-abortion groups? It’s not Ron Paul. It’s Rick Santorum, who has been savaged for the past two weeks for being too pro-life. And what is Ron Paul’s record? His libertarian philosophy leads him to routinely vote against pro-life legislation. For example:

  • Paul voted against the Child Custody Protect Act and similar legislation three times. These bills were intended to strengthen local parental notification laws by making it illegal to take a minor girl across state lines to get an abortion in violation of her home state’s parental notification laws.
  • Three times Paul voted against the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which would make it a separate crime to injure or kill an unborn child in any assault against a pregnant woman.
  • Paul twice voted against the Human Cloning Prohibition Act.
  • While not pro-life issues, Paul has also opposed school choice legislation, border security legislation and twice voted against the Federal Marriage Amendment.

My point is simply this: Conservatives supporting Ron Paul should understand that he is not a conservative. He is, first and foremost, a libertarian. Paul ran as the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee in 1988 and libertarianism remains his philosophical worldview today.

A Paul/Romney Alliance?

Conservative insiders in recent weeks have started to speculate about a trend in the campaign. Every time somebody emerged to challenge Romney, Ron Paul did his best to slice and dice them. First it was Michele Bachmann who found herself caught in Paul’s crosshairs. Then it was Rick Perry. Then it was Newt Gingrich. Now it is Rick Santorum. Today, Rush Limbaugh said that there was something fishy going on.

It’s hard to find any negative words from Ron Paul regarding Mitt Romney. When asked to describe his fellow Republicans on the Jay Leno show several months ago, Paul slandered Michele Bachmann by saying she “hates Muslims” and he attacked Santorum saying he disliked gays and Muslims.

This “alliance” has not been lost on the media. NBC’s political director Chuck Todd asked yesterday: “Just what has Romney promised Ron Paul?”

There are whispers that Ron Paul is trying to pave the way for his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who shares many of his father’s views, to be Romney’s running mate, perhaps in exchange for not running as a third party candidate in November. Asked recently about running with Romney, Rand Paul said he would be “honored to be considered.”

On his show today, Limbaugh also blasted Paul’s “irresponsible” approach to foreign policy. In last night’s debate, Paul defended the mullahs’ pursuit of nuclear weapons because we were somehow threatening them! If Romney wins the nomination and selects either Paul as a running mate, I believe this could be an impossible sell because it will compromise virtually everything Romney has said about Obama’s weak foreign policy.


Here is my bottom line: As I have said from the beginning, all the candidates have flaws and downsides. Ultimately, I don’t think last night’s debate will have much impact on the race.

But when I look at this field in search of the candidate who ably represents all three legs of the conservative Reagan coalition, who has the ability to connect with the millions of Reagan Democrats, many of whom are working class people, and has consistently lived out the values that matter to values voters — hands down Rick Santorum is the one who stands out.

Obama Sings While America Sinks

My poor shoes got another workout last night. Not on the treadmill, but flying across the living room. I threw them at the TV again as the nightly news put another pro-Obama ad disguised as news in their evening broadcast. This time it was Obama crooning at a White House party. A few weeks ago, we saw him belting out Al Green tunes at a New York fundraiser.

Meanwhile, you’re on your way to paying $4.00 or $5.00 dollars a gallon for gas. Long-term unemployment is the worst it has been since the Great Depression. Iran is marching toward nuclear weapons while promising another Holocaust. And we are marching toward the abyss of bankruptcy. But don’t worry — Obama is having a blast, partying with the likes of Mick Jagger and B.B. King.

Now just imagine for a moment how the media would have reacted if George W. Bush had been throwing regular parties in the White House in which he belted out country music songs. Do you think there would have “heart-warming” scenes of President Bush singing on the nightly news? Not on your life!

If Bush had been caught singing at such lavish events, you would have heard endless commentary by the talking heads about how tone deaf he was or how out of touch he was. I can hear it now: “Doesn’t the president know there are still caskets coming home from Afghanistan? Doesn’t he realize how hard it is for folks on Main Street? John Smith facing foreclosure because of Bush’s bad economy doesn’t have anything to sing about tonight!”

The media’s double standard is disgusting, and to most conservatives it is obvious. But for many of our friends and relatives, who may not follow the issues as closely, it is not. Please share these reports with them. Help them see through the spin and bring them to our side. Working together we can take America back!


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