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Argyle ISD Parents and Concerned Texans ~ CSCOPE Meeting~ Wed. Feb 6th Argyle High Lecture Hall


You are asked to join us at the Argyle High School Lecture Hall for the Community Meeting on CSCOPE

Argyle High School – Lecture Hall 

191 S. Hwy 377
Argyle, Tx 76226

Wednesday Feb. 6th 

6:30 PM

On Thursday January 31st there was a hearing on CSCOPE in the Texas Senate. CSCOPE is a technology based time management curriculum that Argyle ISD has just adopted this year.  You may be interested to know that Mid way through the hearing Senator Patrick rightly concluded that “if CSCOPE was an airline, it would be grounded but because it’s in 875 plus schools (79% of all ISD’s and over 90% of the small ISD’s) it can’t be immediately unplugged.”  

So the question is, what are we as a community going to do about it? To the credit of the Argyle administration, Dr. Wright is holding and information meeting for the Argyle community. Our job as parents and grandparents is first to show up and get educated on what CSCOPE is, and how it is being used by our district. Many of you have seen the Wing Span e-mail sent out that the CSCOPE representatives will be here on February 6th at 6:30 in the evening to give a presentation. 

It is also very important for you to know that Dr. Wright has allowed us to bring in 4 of the key people who testified in the hearings yesterday along with myself to also present why they have concerns with CSCOPE. In addition, I have asked Wayne Richard to come and moderate the discussion on CSCOPE. 

Wayne Smile Full Chest Wayne Richard is President of ICglobal.net, a technology firm he founded 21 years ago specializing in Internet based solutions.   Wayne is also owner of Liberty Radio and Broadcasting, LLC and hosts the Wayne Richard Radio Show.




I am honored to let you know that sitting on the panel exposing the other side of  CSCOPE we will have. 

Charlie GarzaCharlie Garza 

Former State Board of Education official, current principal at Prime Academy. Garza has a long list of accomplishments that include over two decades of military service in the US Navy where he received numerous commendations, teaching at multiple grades levels and serving as an administrator at elementary, junior high and high school campuses.




Stan HartzlerDr. Stan Hartzler

Dr. Hartzler taught mathematics, science, computer science, and journalism for 21 years in junior highs and high schools, mostly in suburban Chicago and Texas .  He taught mathematics and education courses for 17 years in higher education, starting a Master’s program in Texas and a Ph.D. program in Louisiana .  Dr. Hartzler served as K-12 mathematics and science program leader for the Oklahoma City Public Schools.  He was one of the first two full-time employees of Saxon Publishers.

Janice Vancleave 

A native Texas and a retired Texas Educator. After 27 years of teaching secondary science, Janice began a career of writing science experiment books for John Wiley and Sons publishing. These science publication include 50+ books for kids K-12 as well as Science Resources for Teachers. The books are translated into 15 foreign languages and sold world wide. 
Janice has a science website with more than one thousand free science articles with activities and information. This website also has a link to contact Janice directly for tips and information about science fair projects or just to ask a science question. Janice donates her time to kids, parents and educators that want to know more about science.
Janice and others continued to expose CSCOPE which has led to a meeting with the Texas Commissioner of Education and a hearing before the senate education committee, under the direction of Senator Dan Patrick.

Ginger Russell

Ginger Russell

 Political Activist, Christian, 

Mother, Wife and Grandmother. 
Home schooled both of her daughters. 
Claim to fame- daughter of Science Author Janice VanCleave.
Along with the amazing work she has done tirelessly to exspose what is in the CSCOPE curriculum


Alice teapartyAlice Linahan 

Argyle Mom who is on a journey to  uncover CSCOPE in our own back yard. Alice is also politically-active Texas Mom who has worked hard in the trenches of the Tea Party movement. She is a board member of WomenOnTheWall.org   and TXAlliance4EthicalGovernment.

Don’t Miss  The Argyle Community CSCOPE Meeting 

Because concerns over CSCOPE have been raised the Argyle Administration is being smart and pro-active.The community information meeting has been called and your job is to show up and ask questions so we can protect our children and grandchildren. 

Argyle High School – Lecture Hall 

Wednesday Feb. 6th 

6:30 PM

Click the link the Most Amazing Senate Ed. Hearing Ever — CSCOPE which has information on the Senate Hearing at the Capital on Jan. 31. 

Hope to see you on Wed. Feb. 6th. Our children and grandchildren are worth it. 



WBTM Women On The Wall Radio with Donna Garner


You can find out HERE if your district is using CSCOPE! 


Thank you Sen. Dan Patrick on a job well done.

Thank you Sen. Dan Patrick on a job well done.


Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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