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We all understand the frustration we feel watching Speaker Boehner fail to stand up against the liberal agenda being forced on our nation, an agenda that goes completely against the American and especially “Texas Values” we hold dear.

In Texas we have the same situation. We currently have a Speaker of the House who in October of last year was quoted as saying: ‘…I think at some point you can’’t cut your way to prosperity.;”

Really Joe Staus? I agree with Americans for Prosperity who asked these question. 

That leaves us with three questions:
1. Can we spend ourselves to prosperity?
2. Can we drink ourselves sober?
3. Why is TX (Republican) Speaker of the House Straus channeling what liberal democrats are saying?

In addition to the liberal economic agenda the Speaker and his staff have proved to have a complete disdain for authentic Conservatives and grassroots Tea Party people alike. Which has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt by the e-mails reported on by Erik Erikson over at Red State. 

“RedState has uncovered never-before-seen, profanity-laden e-mails between senior staff and legislative lieutenants of Texas’ liberal GOP House Speaker Joe Straus demonstrating disrespect for, and even hostility towards, grassroots activists and conservative lawmakers.

Tea party activists are called “idiots,” allies of U.S. Rep. Joe Barton are called “mother f***ers,” and decorated U.S. Marine and State Rep. Van Taylor is dismissed as“stupid,” by a top Straus political strategist.”

That is why there is a grassroots movement developing in Texas to remove Speaker Straus from his position and replace him with a true Texas Conservative~ Bryan Hughes.

Just listen to this audio of Bryan Hughes addressing Texans at the Freedom Rally at the Alamo back in July 2012. He took the time to  thank Grassroots Texans for our service and sacrifice. No hint of disdain but complete admiration and respect.

I have called my State Rep. Tan Parker and voiced my opinion on the Speakers race and I hope you will do your part and call your Representative today and voices your opinion.  Here is a list of them.

If you support Texas State Representative Bryan Hughes for Speaker of the House please fill out the form below and we will add you to the growing list of Texans who are ready to take a stand by endorsing Bryan Hughes for Speaker of the Texas House.

I support Bryan Hughes for Speaker of the Texas House

If you are willing to sign your name to a letter supporting Bryan Hughes for Texas House Speaker, please fill in the form below.
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Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!

Alice Linahan

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