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Are We In a Pre-Revolutionary Moment? The Mind of Pat Caddell……

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Take the time to listen to the strategy of Pat Caddell and let me know your thoughts. 

One of the biggest challenges we face in saving our country is Crony Capitalism from the political class on the Right and Left. Pat Caddell is taking on the Left. I have a question for my friends on the right are you willing to take on the Republican Establishment?
I am, I wake up daily to fight the good fight!

Ricochet Podcast #95: A Pre-Revolutionary Moment

Nov. 25 at 1:10pm

“We don’t have many Democrats on the podcast, so when we do, we try to make sure they’re memorable. So pull up your earbuds and get comfortable for a bracing conversation with Pat Caddell, who thinks not only Obama ought to forgo running so Hillary can step in and win, but that this idea might actually foment a revolutionary moment in American history. Note: Apologies for the lo-fi sound. It’s the first show recorded on a new laptop and it shows.”

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