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Are Todd Hunter’s Priorities the same as yours?

Once again a great article from AgendaWise.com 

In a videotaped interview at the University of Texas at Austin, State Representative Todd Hunter revealed some backward priorities.

In minute seven Hunter called the committee he chaired, Calendars, the “gatekeeper of legislation.” According to Todd Hunter, Todd Hunter decided what got voted on in the session.

In minute 43 Hunter said that time ran out on spending limits. Evidently the “gatekeeper” prioritized spending limits in such a way that it missed the cut.

Spending limits is an issue that is so popular that it is both a legislative priority in the Republican platform and has passed ballot initiatives in Republican primaries three times in a row to the tune of 90%.

In the 82nd legislature Hunter made time to vote on and pass: a bill allowing for helicopter hog hunting, a bill legalizing noodling, and a bill outlawing puppy mills. He allowed the State House to listen to all of these, but somehow managed to leave out spending limits.

In finishing his dodge answer on the spending limits question, Hunter tried to sandbag spending limits going forward by saying that if they aren’t in the interim charges they will be hard to implement.  He told the questioner to check the interim charges when they come out. In Hunters logic, that’ll tell us if they can be done the next session.

Well, when this taped Q&A  at UT Austin happened the interim charges had already been out for almost three weeks. The interim charges don’t include spending limits. Hunter tried to introduce a phony condition for spending limits (being on the interim charges) that he already knew wasn’t going to be fulfilled.

Lucky for Texans, interim charges are just a way for leadership to try, in advance, to frame out of the picture issues it wants to block from a hearing, but interim charges aren’t very effective at actually doing that. Items not in the interim charges are taken up with regularity.

Sizing up legislators on a 90% Republican issue, and one of huge importance, is very useful right now.

–Todd Hunter interview 

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