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Are Americans again buying “Propaganda” or “Reality” with Rick Perry

Today Governor Rick Perry put out a great ad aimed at President Obama’s “O” jobs.

Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

There was radio talk show host out of Dallas that said when he saw the ad it actually moved him to tears, it was so inspiring.

I have a couple of questions……

1. Who paid for this ad, was it paid for with money from the large Republican open borders donors?

Dave Montgomery at the Ft Worth Star-Telegram has more:

“Although Perry proclaimed the bill a top priority, the measure drew behind-the-scenes resistance from influential business leaders, including Houston home builder Bob Perry, one of the governor’s biggest individual political donors.” 

2. If talk show hosts are moved to tears by an ad run by Gov. Perry and they do not address  issues like in-state Tuition for illegal immigrants, are we being sold a bill of goods just like many who were on the left with Obama’s Hope and Change?

Below the ad from Perry I hope you will take some time to hear a little Reality Check from the Texas Tea Party Press Conference Videos on Illegal Immigration the Media Won’t Show You.

Governor Rick Perry’s new out today….


Here is a Facebook commit on Gov. Perry and his take on Illegal Immigration.

“Immigration is an issue that touches OUR national Defense, Jobs, the Economy, and Homeland Security just to name a few. Perry’s inexcusable stance on this issue is a reflection of how he stands on these other issues. He claims to be a “Conservative” but there can be NO JUSTIFICATION for failing to protect OUR border here in Texas, and ALLOWING ILLEGALS to pay in-state tuition while AMERICANS (including veterans) from other states as well as LEGAL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS pay between 5 to 10 times MORE than ILLEGALS!!! Perry says that to educate the ILLEGALS will keep them off the govt dole…ait a second, 1) why would Perry allow them any government money and 2) why isn’t he going after employers who hire illegals, and landlords that rent to them? Perry sounds like obama! Everytime obama gets the chance he blames Bush, while Perry blames Washington for HIS OWN FAILURES on the issue of ILLEGALS!!!” 

Reality check for you from ……..

Maria Espinoza, Co-Founder of The Remembrance Project

“My father migrated from Mexico, legally, and became a U.S. citizen. He came to the US because he knew the great opportunities America offered.   Today, things are very wrong in Texas! Our elected officials have failed to serve and protect citizens and legal residents of Texas. They have failed to remove sanctuary city policies throughout Texas. They have failed to enforce the law. They should protect our Texas families and those who protect us – law enforcement officers. Sanctuary city policies have cost the lives of five Houston police officers and left another officer seriously impaired.   It is time our state officials took care of this unfinished business.”  

Stolen Lives Quilt is an initiative of The Remembrance Project.  We are dedicated to educating, remembering and honoring Americans whose lives have been stolen by individuals who should not have been in our country.

We seek your help to bring to the forefront the tragic loss of American lives caused by:

  • the continued open border policies of past and current federal bureaucracies
  • policies, such as Sanctuary City Policies, which perpetuate killing of Americans by invaders

Here is what Maria Espinoza had to say during Monday’s Press Conference.



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