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Another Case of the Establishment VS The People

Profile PictureThe Race for Texas Supreme Court is clearly another case between the “Moderate Establishment Republicans” and the Conservative People of Texas.

As we all know in order to get elected in Texas you must wear the brand of a Conservative, therefore many claim to be but show clear signs that is not the case. Believe it or not the Austin American Statesmen get’s it right in their tagline this morning.

Medina has established political connections; Devine has support of religious, conservatives

We have John Devine who is better known as the 10 Commandments Judge vs David Medina a Texas Supreme court Judge who has been indicted on tampering with evidence and his wife was indicted for Arson. 

Runaway Grand Jury ….. or Runaway Justice?

David Medina has been on court since 2004.On January 17, 2008, Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina and his wife Francisca Medina were indicted on felony arson related charges resulting from the 2007 fire which destroyed their home in Spring, Texas and severely damaged two nearby residences.

Justice Medina’s felony indictment was for “evidence tampering” in relation to a letter that was produced during the investigation.   Francisca Medina was indicted by two (2) separate Harris County grand juries for felony arson.

The initial fire investigator in the case felt there was compelling evidence to rule that the fire was in fact arson.   Some key factors that lead to his ruling: (1) canine detected an accelerant at the scene; and  (2) substantial financial issues relating to the Medinas’ mortgage, taxes, and other related debts.

Immediately, it was reported that the Medinas had allowed the insurance policy on their home to lapse.   Medina defenders quickly began pushing that fact as if to suggest that the Medinas had nothing to gain from the destruction of their residence since they had no insurance coverage.   Later, Justice Medina revealed in an interview that the mortgage company did take out coverage on the residence and that the forced placement policy had in fact paid off the mortgage.

A few hours after the 1st grand jury indicted the Medinas on January 17th, 2008 then embattled Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal announced he would dismiss the indictments stating that there was “insufficient evidence.”  Oddly, neither Rosenthal nor his staff had sufficient time to review the evidence considered by the grand jury in the Medina indictments prior to making the announcement of dismissal. 

your vote countsTexans the choice is yours. Are you going to stand with the Establishment Republicans or with a true solid man who stood for the “10 Commandments”.

I early voted for John Devine. You last opportunity to take a stand is on Tuesday July 31st. I hope you will stand with me and vote for John Devine for Texas Supreme Court Judge.

Knowledge is Power and together we can make the difference!!  


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