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An Islamic Republican Club Coming to Florida?

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Richard Swier, Ed D., LTC, US Army (Ret.)

Hat Tip to Dr_Richard Swier for his post on LibertyLinked.com 

Hat tip to The Shark Tank for reporting on something very interesting. According to Javier Manjarres, “Nezar Hamze, the Florida Director of the Center for Islamic American Relations (CAIR) has told the Shark Tank that he intends to join the local Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC) and ask for a club charter to start the first ‘Islamic-Republican club’ in the county.”

Javier reports, “Hamze said that he spoke to Broward GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli about his intentions and indicated that DeNapoli did not deny him the opportunity to start an Islamic-Republican club or join the committee. Hamze is best known for his confrontation with Congressman Allen West earlier this year during which he questioned West with a Koran in hand asking him to point out verses in the Koran where it tells believers to ‘kill Americans’.”


Actually, the Qur’an does not say kill Americans because when it was reveiled to Mohammed in the 7th Century, America did not exist. However, Christianity and Judaism did exist and here is what the Qur’an says about non-believers (a.k.a. kirfurs, infidels, Jews, Christians, athiests, agnostics, diests, multi-theists, etc.)

[5:33] The just retribution for those who fight GOD and His messenger [Mohammed], and commit horrendous crimes, is to be killed, or crucified, or to have their hands and feet cut off on alternate sides, or to be banished from the land. This is to humiliate them in this life, then they suffer a far worse retribution in the Hereafter. [5:34] Exempted are those who repent before you overcome them. You should know that GOD is Forgiver, Most Merciful. Javier goes on to report, “Hamze considers himself as being ‘very conservative’ and believes his political views are in-line with the Republican party’s political platform.”

How does Hamze define very conservative?
Is his definition based upon the Qur’an and shariah Islamic law? If so he is correct. Shariah law requires Islam be spread globally either peacefully, or imposed forcefully if necessary. There is nothing more “conservative”, if that is the proper word, than shariah Islam. Taken to its natural end America would become much like Saudi Arabia or Iran. In the one case a kingdom based upon Wahhabism and in the second case an Islamic theocracy. I would define both as “very conservative” in their policies, practices, actions and deeds.

How do you and I define conservative?

Conservatives and the Republican Party embrace the U.S. Constitution, which cannot exist under shariah Islam. Republicans believe in the Establishment Clause which forbids the federal government from establishing one religion for the nation. Republicans also embrace Article 6 of the Constitution which states that it is the “supreme law of the land”.

Mr. Hamze, if he is a true believer, would not embrace the U.S. Constitution as supreme because it is accepted Islamic doctrine, under shariah, that the Qur’an must supersede any document written by man. Carried to the ultimate the U.S. Constitution would either need to be amended to not violate the Qur’an and shariah law or abolished.

I am interested to see if the Broward REC votes to charter the Islamic Republican Club. I wonder if Jews and Christians would be allowed to join? A noble experiment or a prescription for disaster. You decide.


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