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5,000 Texans tell Wisconsin Athiests “Don’t Mess with Texas”!

5,000 Texans- "Don't Mess With Texas"

5,000 strong showed up in Athens, Texas this afternoon to tell a small group of Atheists from Wisconsin who felt the need to come to Texas to take down a town’s Christmas Nativity Scene, “Don’t Mess With Texas!!” 

By Todd Starnes/TWITTER 

The Texas Attorney General has offered to defend a Texas county under attack by a group of Wisconsin atheists who are demanding that a Nativity located on the lawn of the Henderson County courthouse be torn down.

“Our message to the atheists is don’t mess with Texas and our Nativity scenes or the Ten Commandments,” Attorney General Greg Abbott told Fox News & Commentary. “I want the Freedom From Religion Foundation to know that our office has a history of defending religious displays in this state.”


“If we love freedom, let our voices be heard. We will be silent no more!” – Ray Myers

Thank you Tea Party for your amazing work, Ray Myers, Mel Moss and your teams you Rock!! 




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