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2nd Video launched by Voices To Action – Governor Perry “Stand With Us”

WomenOnTheWall.org in conjunction with Voices To Action has launched their 2nd video in the campaign to call on Governor Rick Perry to Veto the current SBOE redistricting map and then Call A Special Session.


 Texas’ conservative leaders: 

Here’s the 1st Action Item:  ACTIONS:

Please call & e-mail Gov. Rick Perry and ask him to veto HB 600 (Sen. Seliger’s rogue E120 Redistricting Map) AND call a Special Session for the purpose of coming up with an acceptable map that the governor would sign.  HB 600 is completely unacceptable because it is not a fair, legal and equitable map. 

Instead the 10 Year SBOE Redistricting Map in HB 600 favors the liberal minority and threatens the future for the Conservative Majority of SBOE board members to return to office come the next election.  SBOE Board member Ken Mercer (R – San Antonio) states, “My concerns are twofold.  First, the input of the conservative members of the SBOE map E118 was purposely ignored by Sen, Seliger even though I personally called Seliger’s office as did a multitude of conservative groups to support map E118…  Sen. Selinger’s rogue E120 map severely punishes conservative Charlie Garza, the lone Hispanic Republican  on the SBOE. At the same time, E120 rewards two RINO’s, Thomas Ratliff and Bob Craig.” 

Call & Email Gov. Rick Perry 

Phone Numbers: 1-800-252-9600




Gov. Perry’s ONLINE e-mail address:  http://www.governor.state.tx.us/contact/assistance.aspx

Here’s the 2nd Action Item:  ACTIONS:


Your urgent attention is requested to sign the SBOE REDISTRICTING MAP PETITION in support of conservative members and traditional American values.

Recent victories (see video) are in jeopardy of being reversed by powerful progressive forces and liberal Republicans. Don’t let the progress we have made be lost to these, “hate America” organizations

 Sign the Petition:  http://austinreteaparty.com/Signthepetition.aspx


Rachel Delgado – Chairman Galveston Tea Party


We the undersigned urge the complete rejection and veto of the Senate Redistricting Committee’s rogue map (E120) which is both illegal and harmful to conservatives.  We ask Governor Perry to support the Texas SBOE preferred map (E118). 

This was a project of many grassroots activists from across the state of Texas!  Thank you to them all for getting this put together!  See Below for co-sponsors and contact numbers to call the Senate Redistricting Committee Members and make your voice count!


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