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“Supremes Decide Obama Is a Lying Tax-Hiker”

Date posted: June 29, 2012

by Donna Garner

Today Sarah Palin said it well:  “Obama Lies, Freedom Dies.”  The U. S. Supreme Court Justices just proved that Obama is (as Gary Bauer has stated) “a lying tax-hiker.”  Obama knew the 2,700 page ObamaCare “monster” would never pass on its own merit; therefore, he repeatedly lied to us and said it was not a tax.

The Supremes said it is a tax – actually a $500 Billion tax over the next ten years. If ObamaCare is allowed to go forward, it would be the largest tax increase in the history of the whole world.

If Obama were to get re-elected in November, the American people would be forced to purchase private health insurance policies (i.e., a tax) the provisions of which would be controlled by the federal government; and Obama’s legion of IRS agents would be hired to enforce the mandate.

In time, the government would drive insurance companies out of business through the price-control process; and the end result would be that all of us would be dependent upon the federal government to decide which ones of us should live or die.

As Romney said, “…in order to get rid of ObamaCare, we’re going to have to replace President Obama….”What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected President of the United States, and that is I will act to repeal ObamaCare…It is a job killer.” 

It appears that the U. S. House is not going to wait until November.  On July 11, the House will vote on repealing ObamaCare.  Voters all over this country will get a chance to see which House members need to be thrown out of Congress for voting to keep ObamaCare.

[This is the same House that voted 255 to 67 to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. in contempt of Congress – 17 Democrats voted against Holder while 2 Republicans (Congressmen Scott Rigell of Virginia and Steven LaTourette of Ohio) voted for him.]

Also, the Senate liberals under Harry Reid must be completely replaced with conservatives in the upcoming November 6, 2012 elections.  Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservative Fund  (http://senateconservatives.com/ ) and Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families  ( http://www.cwfpac.com/ ) are good places where we can seek information and make campaign contributions to worthy conservative candidates.

With Romney in place and with a majority of House and Senate conservatives elected, we can take our country back.

The bad news is that Obama is amassing a huge army of Democrat lawyers (as many as 6,000) to try to intimidate voters at the polls in November.  However, as Gary Bauer so wisely has stated, “The left can’t…steal the election if it isn’t close!” This means that we conservatives cannot try to win by just a few votes but must make this election such a landslide that our side cannot be denied victory.  

The good news is that the Supremes today have done what probably nobody else could have done; they have made the American people so mad that even the disinterested will get off their sofas and go to the polls on November 6 to “throw the bums out.”

Elections do have consequences, and the American people have finally learned their lesson.  With an aging Supreme Court, the next President will have many opportunities to appoint future Justices.  The “good guys” have turned out to be Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy; may their kind increase!


What are the consequences of the SCOTUS decision ~ explained by Peter Suderman of Reason Magazine in this video:


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Charter schools, public risk, political gain

Date posted:

by Michael Hight

 Charter schools, public risk, political gain

Excerpts from this article:

Stunning, jaw dropping hypocrisy! The conservative Republican Texas legislature, in Senate Bill 1, passed in June, will guarantee the bonds sold by the private owners of charter schools. Privately owned charter schools, for example, Harmony Charter Schools, will be authorized by the state of Texas to sell bonds to construct new school buildings.

The state will guarantee them by giving charter schools access to the Permanent School Fund. Isn’t this the Wall Street model …. privatize the profits and socialize the loses. Newly minted AAA rated financial instruments will be bundled to hedge fund managers and other “investors.” Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be made by bond rating agencies and financial institutions that put these bond offerings together.

…The Texas taxpayer will now be on the hook for this private sector school financing scheme. The relevant section of SB 1 states, “Senate Bill 1. Sec. 45.052.  GUARANTEE. (a)  On approval by the commissioner, bonds issued under Subchapter A by a school district or Chapter 53 for a charter district, including refunding bonds, are guaranteed by the corpus and income of the Permanent School Fund.

There is more. Harmony Charter Schools is the largest charter school chain in the state boasting of 36 schools. Don’t let them tell you charter schools are public schools, they are not. Public schools don’t have the luxury of “encouraging” a child to leave because they might jeopardize the school’s test scores. Charter schools game the system by inflating their successes through a process called “dumping”. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) acknowledges that Charter schools “dump” low performing students and students with special needs. They push these students out of their school. Dr. Ed Fuller has been quoted saying, “It’s not hard to be ‘exemplary’ if you lose all the kids who aren’t performing”.

Harmony schools “lose” an extraordinarily high number, about 50 percent, of their students in grades 6 through 8 according to Fuller, a University of Texas-Austin researcher….Charter schools that have closed still owe the state 21 million dollars because they exaggerated their enrollment numbers.

Besides their “dumping” policies, Harmony Charter schools have been associated with the Gulan Islamic movement. Harmony does not teach Islam in the schools, but their Gulan associations are undeniable according to University of Oregon’s Joshua Hendrick, Ph.D. His research extensively studied the Gulanists and their worldwide operations.

Under the radar of the American public, the Gulan Islamic movement has been quietly advancing its presence in the United States through the establishment of charter schools by their acolytes. Texas politicians are well aware of this movement.

Gulanists continue to build their political cover by targeting, influencing, and giving gifts and trips to Turkey to our politicians.

Fethullah Gulen on 60 Minutes

Fethullah Gulan, left Turkey under threat by the Turkish government for his attempts to establish an Islamic government and some consider him the contemporary Islamic version of American evangelist Billy Graham.

The Gulan movement goes beyond charter schools. Their public relations strategy incorporates the establishment of “cultural centers” and “interfaith dialog” centers. They are extremely well funded and politically connected.

Cosmos Foundation, Inc., owners of Harmony Schools hired Jennifer Sarver, of BursonMarsteller, one of the world’s largest public relation firms. Karen Hughes is Global Vice-Chair of BursonMarsteller. This is a very expensive and high powered public relation effort. Followers of the Gulan Movement operate banks, educational institutions, media, and business networks in more than 100 countries around the world.

The Cosmos Foundation, Inc. which operates the Harmony schools filed for 1,157 visas applications (H1-Bs) since 2001. It has brought 731 administrators and teachers from Turkey using H1-Bs surpassing all other secondary education providers nationwide. Immigration of teachers from Turkey under the H1B visa program is allowed if a qualified American teacher cannot be found.

Questions abound regarding the qualifications of these Turkish teachers as well as Harmony’s sincerity in attracting and hiring qualified American teachers. All the principals of Harmony schools just happen to be Turkish men.

Contracting, maintenance, and a plethora of vendor contracts (food service, uniforms, books, furniture, etc.) which by law should go to the lowest bidder are in question. It has been reported that local Texas businesses have been shut out and bids awarded to Turkish owned firms.

Large capital improvements and new building construction projects will be financed by Harmony bond initiatives, awarded to Turkish construction firms, and insured by the state, meaning … you. These contracts represent tens of millions of dollars.

…Let me be clear. I am not in any way against privately funded faith based schools. However, Harmony Charter Schools and other charters, funded by taxpayer’s dollars, by their own doing, have raised serious questions about their practices at many levels not the least of which is the promotion of a particular religion and culture directly or indirectly.

Finally, the Texas taxpayer should not bear the risk associated with the creation and issuance financial instruments for the private sector…. never, never, never.

Michael Hight

Michael Hight is a retired pharmaceutical executive. His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology, with graduate studies in political science and additional courses in business management abroad.

For more information please see articles referenced below

8.1.11 — “Protest Rally — Gulen Political Science School in Austin, Texas, on Aug. 30, 2011” by Donna Garner


7.22.11 — “Wrong Person Takes the Fall — Another Gulen Situation”  by Donna Garner


List of Gulen Charter Schools in the United States


7.17.11 — “Another Turkish Charter School in Trouble” by Donna Garner


7.14.11 — “How Blind Can People Be?” by Donna Garner


7.10.11 — “Is a Changed Muslim Kosher in a Taxpayer-Funded Texas School” by Peyton Wolcott


6.29.11 – The Texas House General Investigating & Ethics Committee has begun its investigation of the Gulen Turkish charter schools (Cosmos Foundation, Harmony Schools, Rainbow Turkish House, etc.).



7.10.11 — “Are Taxpayers Paying for Free Trips to Turkey?” by Donna Garner


6.19.11 – Austin American-Statesman article by Laylan Copelin and Mike Ward, “Some Texas Lawmakers Have Second Thoughts about Turkey Trips” —


6.29.11 — Texas Legislature Investigating Gulen/Cosmos Foundation/Harmony Schools: by Donna Garner



6.30.11 — “Personal Accounts: Gulen Harmony Schools” by Donna Garner



7.14.11 — “Harmony Science Academies Tied to Gulen Charter Schools” by Donna Garner



“The Gulen Movement – How It Operates in Turkey and in the U. S.” –  Parts 1, 2, 3 — YouTube

Part 1:  

Part 2:  

Part 3:  



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Today~ The ObamaCare Decision: Be Prepared

Date posted: June 28, 2012

By Rey Johnson and Alice Linahan

From Breitbart:

“..around 10:30am EDT, the Democrat-left-media complex will launch the most aggressive and sustained attack on the institution of the Supreme Court in the history of our Republic. When the Court throws out at least some portion of ObamaCare tomorrow, President Obama and his partisans on the left and in the media will effectively declare war on the third co-equal branch of government and seek, in every possible way, to undermine the legitimacy of the Court. ” (excerpt from “Democrats’ Bad Bet Comes Due Tomorrow” by Mike Flynn)

Additionally, the House of Representatives will vote on a resolution to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for his continued stonewalling on the Fast and Furious investigation. This too will be a target for media attacks throughout the day.

As conservatives, we can respond to these false narratives and work to spread the truth in our circle of influence and online. One important way that we can do this is through the use of social media – especially Facebook and Twitter. To help you do that, the rest of this article contains a brief overview of what will happen on each of these issues, as well as some sources to keep you updated on what’s going on and help you spread the word with social media.

ObamaCare Ruling

At 10am EST (9am Central), the Supreme Court will release its long-awaited decision about The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – aka ObamaCare. In the decision, the Court will decide questions on three major parts of ObamaCare – the individual mandate, Medicaid expansion, and severability. It is likely that some, or all, of ObamaCare could be struck down, while it is also possible that it could be upheld in its entirety. If the law is struck down in whole or in part, media attacks will be directed against an “activist” Court, as well as conservatives who opposed the bill. If the bill is upheld, then it will likely be portrayed as vindication of the bill and Obama Administration, while, in reality, the Court is only deciding whether or not the bill is constitutional – not whether or not it is the right solution for health care reform.

Fast and Furious & Contempt Vote

Also the House of Representatives will vote on a resolution to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for continued stonewalling on the Fast and Furious investigation. This resolution already made it out of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which has been conducting the investigation into Fast and Furious. The media will likely attempt to spin this as the White House has – as a politically motivated distraction. However, by doing so, they are distracting from the fact that Attorney General Eric Holder is refusing to work with Congress and turn over documents relating to how the U.S. Department of Justice provided guns to drug cartels that were used to murder U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. That is the issue at hand – the stonewalling of the Justice Department.

You can watch the proceedings in the House live at


Call to Action – How To Help

Use Facebook and Twitter to SHARE information about both of these as they happen and watch for and respond to false attacks and information that others share. On Twitter, this is especially important because it is likely that both of these will be trending at some point during the day and will garner significant attention.

Also, be sure to follow @AliceLinahan and @Rey_Johnson on Twitter as we provide updates and more information throughout the day.

Below are links to more information on each topic that you can post to Facebook and Tweet: (links have been shortened to make them easy to Tweet)

On ObamaCare

Video: Obamacare’s Impact on Seniors – YouTube

Morning Bell: Protecting Religious Liberty from Obamacare

The Case Against Obamacare, on Abortion

Side Effects: Under Obamacare, 29.4 Million Americans Will Change Health Plans Each Year

Five Devastating Effects Obamacare Will Have on Young Adults

Study in crony capitalism: ObamaCare and Big Pharma «  Hot Air

Health Reform and the Impact of Extending Dependent Coverage to Age 26

On Fast and Furious & Contempt Vote

Information from Committee and LIVE STREAM of Vote

Fast and Furious: Covering up the Death of a U.S. Agent

“From ‘Hope’ to Hypocrisy: Executive Privilege and Transparency” – YouTube

Dem Rep Hoyer Readies Constituents: Some Dems Will Charge Holder With Contempt Tomorrow

Again – Follow

throughout the day for updates as each of these develop.

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Propaganda: The Establishment ~vs~ We The People

Date posted: June 24, 2012


“In case you missed the first one-on-one debate for the U.S. Senate race between Ted Cruz and David Dewhurst, here’s a nugget you will not want to miss.

Dewhurst flat-out denied ever supporting a payroll tax, yet here’s a link to the press release his own office put out bragging about its passage: http://www.ltgov.state.tx.us/prview.php?id=75. (Note: “Texas businesses will have a choice of paying either a low-rate revised franchise tax or a payroll tax.”) 

Here is the link to that debate. The Payroll tax issue is disgussed at Time stamp (18:58)


CRUZ: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, you have been widely criticized for having proposed a statewide wage tax, a payroll tax that would have been 2.5% of the wages of every employee. Your response is to call your critics liars. So I have a very simple question, did you support a payroll tax? Yes or no and is that a good idea?

DEWHURST: No and no.

CRUZ: You did not support a payroll tax?

DEWHURST: No, I’ve never supported a wage tax and I’ve never supported a payroll tax. Umm 

(Note: http://www.dewbious.com/proposed-wage-tax/

CRUZ: Well, that’s very interesting. I’ll point out at the end of this that we have over two dozen newspaper articles that are contemporaneous, quoting the Lt. Governor supporting a payroll tax. So we can now compare the facts to what he just told a television audience.”

Knowledge is POWER!! In order for “We The People” to gain back the power we must take the time to become educated on who we are electing into office to represent us. Please take the time to watch the debate from Friday night between Conservative Ted Cruz and Moderate David Dewhurst.


The team at Agenda Wise has some very important information about the tricks being played by the moderate establishment Republicans in Texas. Take the time to read their article below.

Appropriated Conservative Labeling


A rash of groups have popped up in Texas claiming the conservative mantel. These new groups are careful to work the word conservative into their branding, but conservative consumers are becoming wise to their tactics and agendas.

Recently Texans with Republican ties on Facebook have been served ads from The Texas Conservatives Fund. It’s Facebook page is designed for a quick glance of the groups “values” leading to a “like” solicitation. The page is cryptic. Even the about isn’t particularly insightful, “to promote Texas Conservative Values for the GOP nomination for Texas in the US Senate in 2012.”

So this group will back whoever wins the GOP run-off in the November election? Nope.

To get an upfront account of what the Texas Conservative Fund is you have to navigate to its website to see it was created to “promote David Dewhurst’s candidacy for the GOP nomination for the US Senate in 2012.” Texas Conservative Fund’s Facebook sneakiness is suspicious given the group’s recent streak with liberal ties employing similar tactics.

Exposed liberal front group Honest Texans has been running the same scheme for a year to grow it’s following. Luckily the Trojan Horse was exposed as a liberal front before it could activate a tricked audience.

Then we have Conservative Voters of Texas. This PAC was set up by Steve Mostyn, Texas’ George Soros-esque mega-donor. Mostyn spent over $10 million in 2010 to help elect Democrats across Texas including Bill White. Mostyn’s stooge front man Mark McCaig launched Conservative Voters of Texas to play in GOP primaries in 2012. McCaig, a former member of the State Republican Executive Committee and Conservative Voters of Texas, had a short shelf life after he was outed by Texans for Lawsuit Reform.

Like Mostyn’s group, the Texas Conservative Roundtable launched in 2012 to undermine conservatives by posing as a conservative group. TXCR was quickly discredited when it released a flawed and blatantly crony scorecard. Shortly after it’s scorecard debacle the Roundtable was directly linked to embattled House Speaker Joe Straus.

Steer clear of tricks. Texans are getting wise and even the appearance of misleading tactics is likely to raise alarms and ire.

Daniel Greer 


Please join the movement, sign the petition, and Rise Up for Life.

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Jackie Thomas~ Taking it Local in Argyle, Texas

Date posted: June 23, 2012

Now it is time to take it local.
Voices Empower along with Alice Linahan strongly and proudly endorse Jackie Thomas for Argyle Town Council in the run off election which is tomorrow,  Saturday June 23.
Election Day Is This Saturday 7am – 7pm…
Your Last Chance To Make A Difference…We Win Or Lose On Saturday, Every Vote Matters…

The town of Argyle and Argyle ISD can not afford a senior tax freeze that is IRREVOCABLE under Texas Law!

Nor, can it afford a library and staff!
Over ten years of experience, serving the citizens of Argyle:

Argyle Town Council, 2009 – present

Argyle Planning & Zoning Commission
, member and chairperson

Argyle Crime Control & Prevention District
, member and chairperson

Argyle Zoning Board of Adjustment
, member






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