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Rick Santorum, E-Verify & the Truth

Date posted: December 30, 2011

By Jan Shedd-  Kaufman County Tea Party

Photo Courtsey of Ramparts 360

Ann Coulter has posted a new piece on her website, dated 12.28.11, entitled Only One Candidate is Right on the Two Most Important Issues.  In the post she says,

“Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum have won statewide elections, but Huntsman and Perry ran in extremely red states that don’t resemble the American electorate. Only Romney and Santorum have won a statewide election in a blue state, making them our surest-bets in a general election (true). But if Santorum wins, we lose on the second most important issue — illegal immigration — (false) and he’ll be the last Republican ever to win a general election in America.” (also false).

and then she says:

 “Among the most effective measures against illegal immigration is E-Verify, the Homeland Security program that gives employers the ability to instantly confirm that their employees’ Social Security numbers are legitimate. It is more than 99 percent accurate, and no employee is denied a job without an opportunity to challenge the records.

Although wildly popular with Americans — including Hispanic Americans — the business lobby hates E-Verify. Employers like hiring non-Americans because they can pay illegal aliens less and ignore state and federal employment laws.

Any candidate who opposes E-Verify is not serious about illegal immigration. If anything, E-Verify ought to be made mandatory to get a job, to get welfare and to vote.

Kowtowing to business (while pretending to kowtow to Hispanics), Paul, Perry and Santorum oppose E-Verify. As a senator, Rick Santorum voted against even the voluntary use of E-Verify.” (true but misleading) and –  “Only Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney aren’t trying to sneak through amnesty for illegal aliens. Both support E-Verify (false-they are not the only ones who support EVerify).” 

I like a lot of what she says throughout the post, but in the end, she thinks Romney is the only one who can win.  I have been one of Ann’s biggest fans for a number of years, but that is beginning to change.  Knowing what a solid conservative Rick Santorum is, I found her claims about his position on E-Verify bizarre.  I called the Santorum campaign and left a message telling them what she had written.  I got a call back in a couple of hours.

These are the facts:

In 1997, EVerify was called the “Basic Pilot Program.”  The bill was HR 3610.  On 7.18.96, Rick Santorum voted for it.  In 2003, it was renamed the “Basic Pilot Program Extention and Expansion Act of 2003.”  On 11.12.03, Rick Santorum voted for it. In 2006, Congress was considering the McCain/Kennedy-amnesty-for-illegals bill, if you will recall.  By then it was called EVerify, and it was in the bill.  Rick voted against it because he was voting against amnesty for illegals.  Funny . . . Ann left that part out.

The Santorum campaign is putting something together for me to send out that clearly explains his position on illegal immigration and border security.

Like I said, when the Republican Primary comes to Texas, I’m voting for Rick Santorum for president.


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Rick Santorum must be a threat to Gov. Rick Perry in Iowa

Date posted: December 29, 2011

Rick Perry has come out Swinging. 

The question is does he have any room to talk? If you live in Texas you know that he is liked outside of Texas more than he is inside of Texas. Yes he is a great guy to sit down and have a beer with but is he really the guy you want running the United States of America.

We know that he did a great job of reaching the passive majority by appearing on the Letterman show, which drove home the narrative, I am not ready for the National scene.

Let’s take a look  inside  Texas politics.

Immigration – Gov. Perry talks big on securing the borders but inside of Texas it is another story.

* Perry tells those who say we do not want our tax dollars used to fund in-state tuition for    illegal aliens “you do not have a heart.”

Well Governor Perry we do have a heart. A heart for the lives who have been lost or destroyed because Texas won’t ban sanctuary cities and secure our borders.  Instead you hold out a carrot to illegal aliens like instate tuition and then do not enforce the laws of Texas to prevent sanctuary cities.

When Grassroots/Tea Party organizations gave Gov. Perry an opportunity to address this situation once again they were ignored.

 “A coalition of Texas grassroots leaders addressed the “no response” from Governor Perry and delivered significant legislative support for their efforts to ban sanctuary cities in Texas. Leaders have once again renew their call for Governor Perry to act on his unfinished business.” 

“While border security is indeed a federal issue, the interior enforcement of the rule of law is very much a state matter. It is the constitutional responsibility of a state to protect the life, liberty, and property of its citizens and legal residents.”

Interesting to note for those outside of Texas, it was not only the Democrats who blocked the Sanctuary cities bills in the last Texas legislative session. It was the largest Republican Super Pac who is funded by open borders businessmen in Texas. Those same donors are some of Gov. Rick Perry’s largest funders. Could it be he is not as tough as he talks because of who is funding his Presidential campaign?  That begs the question, if he won’t  enforce the rule of law on state matters how will he be on National Security?

Why should the sanctuary cities issue matter to you?  

1) Sanctuary cities can harbor illegals that represent a national security threat.  Those who are a threat to this country naturally gravitate to places where they feel safest from the rule of law.

2) Sanctuary cities harbor people who are a threat to the lives of citizens and legal immigrants.  Too many law enforcement officers, citizens, and legal immigrants have lost their lives at the hands of illegals.  See the Remembrance Project  website: http://theremembranceproject.org/Sanctuary

3) Sanctuary cities are strong magnets for those who come here to exploit the social safety net for free health care and all manner of taxpayer-funded government hand-outs.  These sanctuaries are magnets for those who want to work under the radar, and they enable businesses that want to employ cheap labor.

4) Sanctuary cities allow Mexico and other foreign countries to exploit the United States and our lack of enforcement of the rule of law.


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Date posted:

By Donna Garner

Texans, remember last year when so many of us battled to get the Texas House to choose a conservative Speaker of the House after we worked very hard to orchestrate the conservative tsunami at the ballot box on Nov. 2, 2010?  Instead, we ended up with left-leaning Joe Straus as Speaker because he managed to use his great wealth and the pledge card system to “buy” legislators’ votes for his Speakership.  

This is our chance to make sure that left-leaning Speaker Joe Straus never goes back to the Texas House again!  

Matt Beebe - Ready to Oust Straus

Matt Beebe has stepped forward to run against Joe Straus, and Beebe is a great candidate. (I have posted information about him further on down the page.)   

To oust Straus and elect Matt Beebe, it will take Texans throughout this state contributing their campaign donations; but working together, we can do it.

Please donate today at Vote Beebe Victory Fund  



Because Joe Straus as Speaker appointed all the committee chairs and the committees, he basically drove the agenda for the 82nd Legislative Session.  Out of 70 chair/co-chair positions in the House, not a single conservative member with a high conservative score (as per 2011 Texas Eagle Forum Scorecard) was appointed as a chair; and only one was appointed to a co-chair position.  

When we voters wonder why such bills as Sanctuary Cities, E-Verify, and  English as the official language of Texas were not passed, all we have to do is to look at the various committees appointed by Straus:   

(1)  Criminal Jurisprudence with a 47.2% rating and a Democrat Chair with a 16% rating – appointed by Straus

(2) Border & Intergovernmental Affairs Committee with an average score of 34.8% and a Straus-appointed chair with an 8% rating

(3)  State Affairs Committee with an average of 30.2% and a Straus-appointed chair with 40%  

If we conservatives are vitally concerned that the House Investigating Committee may not take its charge seriously, which is to investigate the Gulen/Cosmos Foundation/Harmony charter schools for alleged ties to Turkish/Muslim organizations and for possible misuse of public funds, all we have to do is to look at the score for the committee — 33.6% with a Straus-appointed chair (Rep. Chuck Hopson) who has a score of 29%.  

When we conservatives are upset because of the four redistricting maps that have set the conservative agenda back for ten years, all we have to do is to look at the House Redistricting Committee that has an average score of 27.2% with a Straus-appointed chair (Rep. Burt Solomons) who has a 33% rating.    

If we are concerned because so many bills put forth by conservative House members never got to the floor for a vote, all we need to do is to consider the average score of 30.3% for the House Calendars Committee.    

If we doubt the ruling passed down by Rep. Will Hartnett who was appointed by Straus to decide whether conservative Republican Dan Neil or left-wing Democrat Rep. Donna Howard  (TEF score of 4%) should have won the contested election in Travis County, all we have to do is to look at Hartnett’s 33% TEF average score.  Rep. Hartnett ruled that 222 military ballots cast overseas could not be counted but that 35 ballots upon which Travis County election workers had made mistakes should be counted.  Dan Neil lost by four votes.  


o    With all the conservative House members that we sent to Austin:

o the Sonogram Bill should have passed easily in the first several weeks of the Session instead of experiencing months of backdoor deals;  

o    the four redistricting maps (Congressional, Senate, House, State Board of Education) should have been drawn up to help rather than hinder the elections of conservatives for the next ten years;  

o    a law should have been passed that forbids Texas public schools from participating in the personally intrusive national database;

o    open-source curriculum materials should have been placed under the oversight of the elected State Board of Education who could make sure that the materials written by liberal professors are not allowed to go straight to students’ desks;   

o    the public school funding mechanism should have been rewritten to force local school districts to practice fiscal responsibility.  Instead, the legislature used $4 Billion from the Rainy Day Fund which could put Texas in jeopardy during a time of great financial uncertainty and/or unexpected emergencies;

 o    the TSA anti-groping bill should have been passed;  

o    the House pledge card system should have been banned;  

o    Sanctuary Cities and e-verify legislation should have been passed;  

o    the budget bills (SB 1 and SB 2) should not have been loaded up with provisions that had nothing to do with balancing the budget;  

o    and the use of foreign or Sharia law in our Texas courts should have been banned.  

To read more details about the appointed committee chairs/members for the 82ndLegislative Session, please go to my article published on 8.8.11 entitled Dilemma for Texas Voters


Young Conservatives of Texas scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session:   

Texas Eagle Forum scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session:  

Heritage Alliance scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session:  

Empower Texans scorecard – 82nd Legislative Session:   

Watch this video and be ready for the battles ahead.


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Imagine Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum confronting Barack Obama on the issue of violent Islamic Extremism…

Date posted: December 26, 2011

Great information from Foster Friess’ Campfire Blog   

Click highlighted text to read more of Foster Friess’ amazing story.  ”Renowned investor Foster Friess works to encourage private sector solutions to improve the lives of others.”

by Foster Friess 

The President’s teleprompters would be rendered useless with Santorum’s rapid fire bombardment.

Note President Obama’s politically correct approach as articulated by his assistant defense secretary Paul Stockton in the five minute grilling from Representative Dan Lungren. “Are we at war with violent Islamic Extremism?” “No, sir,” Stockton replies.

Then watch Santorum’s aggressive effectiveness as Candy Crowley attempts to defend President Obama’s inability to assess the threat from what Santorum dubs Islamofascism (4:30). Santorum criticizes President Obama’s lack of strong sanctions on Iran and his supporting the deposing of an American ally in Egypt, which is now controlled by the previously-outlawed Muslim Brotherhood and even more fundamentalist Salafis. This Santorum guy is downright feisty!

Obama’s Assistant Defense Secretary says we are not at war with Islamic Extremism (4:57).

Watch Rick Santorum scold CNN’s Candy Crowley on her defense of Obama’s appeasement(4:30).


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The “Good Ole Boy” Party in Texas

Date posted:

How the “Party of the Incumbents” Tries to Keep Challengers Out of Government 

by Mary Lou Bruner 

Recently Dan Flynn got an A+ Report Card from a group of impressive Conservative Organizations in Texas.  But many Texans are wondering how someone who got an A+ Report Card for his conservative stand on the issues could back someone who got “F’s” and failing grades from most conservative organizations… Why would someone who consistently votes conservative support a man such as Bob Deuell who consistently votes with the liberal Democrats?   

We cannot understand why Dan Flynn has endorsed Bob Deuell, a RINO with the following liberal record.

*Bob Deuell proposed raising taxes and fees to balance the budget.  He did this recently during the        82nd legislative session.

*Bob Deuell continues to advocate for a significant increase in the tax on gasoline.

*Bob Deuell has consistently voted for bills which expanded government intrusion in the private sector.

*In March of this year Bob Deuell proposed using the entire Rainy Day Fund to help balance the budget.

*Bob Deuell introduced legislation to use taxpayer money to buy needles for drug users.

*Bob Deuell prefers appointed judges instead of elected judges. Electing judges prevents cronyism and makes judges more accountable to the people rather than to a party or a politician.

*Bob Deuell sponsored a bill in the 81st legislative session which would allow the VOTERS       LIVING INSIDE THE CITY LIMITS to levy a special tax on CITIZENS LIVING OUTSIDETHE CITY LIMITS.  This amounts to taxation without representation.

*Bob Deuell was instrumental in blocking the appointment of a Christian Conservative as Chairman of the State Board of Education during the 82nd legislative session.

Why is Dan Flynn, a conservative, supporting a RINO like Bob Deuell who might as well be a Democrat considering his voting record?   Perhaps there is a logical answer.

Photo courtesy of Deborah Cannon AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Perhaps Dan Flynn is supporting Bob Deuell because they are both members of the “Party of the Incumbents”, a group of “elitists” and “good ole boys from both political parties” who help each other get re-elected year after year, after year regardless of the effectiveness of the incumbent or his or her voting record.   It seems like a conservative would want to support other conservatives instead of a liberal RINO legislator who consistently votes for higher taxes, bigger government, and more restrictions and regulations. 

We must get the attention of Incumbents who believe “Politics as Usual” is acceptable.  Some of them must be fired because they have failing grades.  Bob Deuell is one wh
o should be fired.

Watch this video and be ready for the battles ahead.


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