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Let’s Set the Record Straight – Who Blocked The TSA Bill in Texas?

Date posted: June 30, 2011

For the Record: The TEXAS HOUSE Killed the Sanctuary City and TSA Bills

The message below was prepared and sent out by Senator Dan Patrick on Tuesday, June 28, 2011: 

Dear Friend,

I have been sent several e-mails that are circulating today concerning Sanctuary City and the TSA bill. They are either biased due to a friendship with someone, or they simply are mis-informed and don’t know the facts.  The facts do not lie.  This is long, but you need the facts and the full picture.  I appreciate all you do for Texas. I don’t want a feud between the House and the Senate. But, when people send out false information it has to be answered.  I appreciate the work the House did this year.  I am frustrated how the final two weeks ended stopping us from passing Sanctuary City and TSA bills.  I’m not blaming anyone, or pointing a finger, simply setting the record straight based on the facts.


First, let me be clear. Rep David Simpson did all he could to pass this bill. He gets great credit and my respect for never giving up. He is a good man. The facts contained do not reflect his desire to seek delay at any step of the way. I will let him speak for himself…
1. Early in the week of June 13th, I believe the 13th or 14th, Rep Simpson, who has worked his heart out on the TSA bill, told me he had the votes to pass his bill out of committee and asked me if we had the votes in the Senate. He passed the bill out without opposition that week, on Monday or Tuesday I believe. 13th or 14th  He can confirm date.

2. I worked to get the votes again and on June 14th. I had my votes again. On June 15th I delivered a brief letter to the Governor’s office letting him know I had the votes in the Senate and David had the votes in the House. I once again asked him to put the bill on the call.

3. Perry was traveling that week and was not aware of my letter until a few days later when a gentlemen approached in on June 18th, Saturday, in New Orleans and asked him to put TSA on the call. Gov Perry said there was not time or the votes. The gentlemen told Perry that Dan Patrick sent him a letter. (I had posted on my Facebook pg of the letter)  Perry answered he was not aware.  The Governor returned to Austin Sunday, June 19th, read the letter and put the bill back on the call the next day Monday June 20th.

4. I met with David Simpson and we agreed for him to lead on the bill and pass it. He asked House leadership to schedule the bill for the floor.

Let’s put this in perspective: He passed the bill on June 13th or 14th, a week later the bill was still not scheduled for the floor.  On June 20th Perry adds the bill to the call, but the bill is not set for a House vote until Friday June 24th.  WE LOST TWO WEEKS from passage out of committee to scheduling for the floor.  The Senate had nothing to do with that scheduling issue. We were ready for the bill as soon as we received it.

Rep Simpson was hoping to bring it up sooner, but on Monday June 20th there was not a quorum and no House business was conducted. Rep Simpson was then hoping the bill would be set on Thursday, but it was set for Friday June 24th.

5. On Fri June 24th, the Speaker announced the bill was a publicity stunt and a laughingstock.  This despite the fact nothing was said previously in regular session when the bill passed 138-0  (or close to that number)  And anyone who knows Rep Simpson knows he was sincere on this issue. He would never launch a publicity stunt.

In addition, this was a bill that was written in large part with input by the A.G office.  Rep Simpson agreed to all of the language except changing “beyond a reasonable doubt”  to “reasonable suspicion ” which was favored by the majority of House members, police, and the district attorneys. It apparently wasn’t going to pass the House without it. It is said that the Speaker did not like that and that is why he was upset. I don’t know, but it could have been fixed in an hour and passed on Friday, June 24th.


6. In the Senate we were waiting for his bill.  David knew the plan was to take his bill.  We had a hearing scheduled originally for Thursday, June 23rd, hoping it might come over early, but when the bill was set for Friday, we scheduled Monday. THERE WAS NEVER A PLAN TO PASS THE SENATE BILL SB 29, but to take his bill. Everyone involved knows that is the truth, including David Simpson.

7. When the bill did not move on Friday, and the Speaker saying it was a stunt by Rep Simpson, I assumed it might not come up at all, and even if it did, the clock would be against us. We shifted gears and moved our bill out of committee on Monday morning, June 27, to give us a chance to pass a bill. We did not know what they were going to do.  We couldn’t amend the bill in committee because of time, so we amended it on the floor Monday night.

8. On Monday afternoon I had hope again when the House took up Rep Simpson’s bill. However, they did not suspend the rules to pass it to third reading meaning it would not pass until today, Tuesday, June 28th.  If the House wanted to give the HB 41 a chance they needed to at least suspend the rules on Monday to third reading and send it over to us. We could have taken it up Tuesday in committee, and then on the floor Wednesday, but the time was still tight.  Once they delayed until today for final passage, the bill was dead coming over to us because of various rules on time.

AT THAT POINT, I DECIDED TO TRY TO SUSPEND ALL RULES TO GET OUR BILL OVER TO THEM ON MONDAY NIGHT.  It’s a bit complex, but this was our only chance to suspend the rules. I needed to convince 2 Democrats to suspend last night.  I did and we passed it our about 9 pm last night.  So, the Senate passed the bill out of committee and all the way off the floor in 12 hours, while the House took two weeks from committee to House passage, and actually never finally passed it out as of tonight.  Even if they did there was not time. We would need to suspend rules several times and would not have had the votes to do as we had last night, when I only needed to suspend once with 2 extra votes.

9. Today the House did not gavel in until 2 pm.  Because they adjourned yesterday they could not take the bill last night. We could not send it over to them until they gaveled in today at 2 pm.  We sent the bill over about 2:20-30, along with HB 79.

THE HOUSE REFUSED TO ALLOW OUR MESSENGER TO DELIVER EITHER HB 79, a court reform bill, or SB 29 TSA bill. Veterans who have been in the legislature a long time, nor the media, could remember one chamber keeping a messenger out from delivering important bills, especially with deadlines only a day off.  It may have happened once a long time ago, but one has to sake why the House refused to accept SB 29 and HB 79.  I believe they finally accepted it later in the day.

10. Instead of taking up our bill, a strong bill that was written with the help of district attorneys, to be sure they could prosecute, the AG office, to be sure they could defend in Court, and removed some language opposed by citizens, and the exact language Speaker Strauss and the House required changing from “probable cause” to  “reasonable suspicion with an unknown or unlawful object.”

11. Sanctuary City bill.  The Senate passed over SB 9 a Sanctuary City bill almost two weeks ago that required proof of citizenship to get a drivers license, requiring all people arrested  go through a Secure Community Check for citizenship, and allowing local police to inquire on a person being legal present in the state and country

The House wanted the Senate to add some weak immigration language to Senate bill 1, the fiscal matters bill. That bill is a must pass bill. Adding sanctuary city language, even with weak language, would have killed the bill because the Democrats would have filibustered again and we would be back in another special session.  ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS PASS SB 9 during the last two weeks.


I have laid out the facts. I cannot address those who have a friend in the House or a bias and who are trying to defend these actions. These are the facts, HB 41 TSA passes out of committee June 13th or 14th, and it takes 10 days to get a floor vote, and when it comes up the Speaker pulls it down.  Then when they pass it on Monday, June 27th, they don’t pass it to third reading, waiting until today, which kills the bill, with only one day left in session and time lines we could not has suspended. If we could have suspended it would have been only with a few hour left on Wednesday night and the Democrats would have filibustered it.

We passed our bill as a last resort to keep the issue alive.  The House could have suspended rules, they have 101 Rs, and the bill was supported without a no vote previously. They could taken up the Senate bill by tomorrow, passed it, and send it to the Governor.
Instead they refuse to accept the bill at first from our messenger with the clock ticking.

Why there was a long delay on both TSA and Sanctuary City bills in the House is for them to answer. They clearly had plenty of time to pass both. A lack of quorum on several days didn’t help, but they still had time.

The Senate passed every bill we were asked to pass during Special.  We finished our work and with no time left to accept any bills and pass tomorrow, we concluded today.

This isn’t about a battle between the House and Senate, it’s about doing the job people asked us to do.  I have given you the facts. I will let you decide the truth.  I can tell you we did all we could in the Senate to pass both the TSA bill and Sanctuary City bills.  I think the facts show the House did not.

Senator Dan Patrick

Along with WomenOnTheWall.orgVoices Empower produced the following video urging Texas State Representatives ”Not” to pledge their support for Speaker Joe Straus in the 2013 Speakers race.



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Best Speech in the 82nd Texas Legislative Session Occurred on the Last Day

Date posted:

“A rare, ethical representative. Those that continue the tyrannical behavior in these constitutional states have to become fearful of US ANTS. History is on the side of the ants. I predict it won’t be long till the colony ‘wakes’.” – YouTube Comment

Below is the Best Speech in the 82nd Texas Legislative Session which occurred on the last day by  Truly Conservative House Representative David Simpson.

June 29, 2011 State Rep. David Simpson, (R) Longview, delivers his “personal privilege” speech after the Texas House of Representatives fails to pass his anti-TSA groping bill.

Call To Action: Texas House of Representatives

“Pledge” to Voters not Straus for Speakers Race in 2013

AustinTexas June 2011

After vowing to remain actively engaged in the legislative process and to “keep a keen eye” on the workings of the 82nd Texas Legislature,WomenOnTheWall.org is once again on the front lines standing side by side with Grassroots and Tea Party activists to call on Texas House of Representatives to “Pledge” support to the voters of Texas instead of to the current Speaker of the House Joe Straus.

“What we have witnessed during this legislative session is what was feared most about the election of incumbent Speaker Joe Straus,” said Rebecca Forest, Co-Founder of WomenOnTheWall.Org, “Grassroots, immigration, and Tea Party activists who were against Joe Straus during the Speaker Showdown warned of another liberal leaning session on important issues and unfortunately,  we  have been proven correct.”    In Texas the Speaker is the one who establishes the agenda because he appoints the committee chairs and the committee members. As Donna Garner grassroots activist writer states “It is the conservative legislators who have dared to rock the Straus boat and they are the ones whose legislation has largely been killed and the ones whose districts have been decimated on the redistricting maps, Garner continues “Under Straus’ leadership, this 82nd Legislative Session has not acted judiciously and promptly to pass our conservative agenda even though we were the ones who showed up in such large numbers on Nov. 2, 2010 to “take our country back.”

WomenOnTheWall.org has released a  ad which will be aired beginning June 13th 2011 through the end of the Special Session.  Straus used the pledge card system to become the current Speaker of the House and then it appears he promised sizeable campaign contributions to legislators in exchange for their votes for him as Speaker.

“The Pledge Card system ended up giving Straus the ultimate power in the House, says Alice Linahan WomenOnTheWall.org board member and producer of the latest videos. Linahan continues, “With that power he has killed the Conservative agenda, and because of this those Representatives who bill themselves as “Conservatives” must not “Pledge” support for his reelection as Speaker in 2013. Grassroots and Tea Party supporters will have no other option than to run an opponent against them in the 2012 primaries.”

“Straus and his supporters’ arrogance in openly fulfilling their threats perpetrated on fellow Republicans is an obvious indication of a sense of immunity from the will of the people.  On the outside, it certainly has the smell of corruption and an abuse of power.  With a closer look, there’s no doubt in my mind the stink is real; and it is certainly disgusting, states John Alaniz Temple, Tx Businessman

The Call to Action for Texans….call your State Representative and ask them to not “Pledge” support for the current Speaker of the House in 2013.

”If you love freedom, let our voices be heard. We will be silent,” No More!” – Ray Myers

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“Personal Accounts: Gulen Harmony Schools”

Date posted:

By Donna Garner

A mother called me last week to tell me about her middle-school daughter.  I guess because I was a teacher for so long and write education articles, people tend to turn to me with their concerns. 

The mother (I will call her “Annie”) said her daughter (“Suzie”) went to a Harmony School in XXXXX, Texas.  Annie thought the schools would be good because they advertised their well-disciplined approach and high science and math scores.

Annie allowed her daughter to remain in the school for a year but became very concerned as the school year progressed.

Annie described the Harmony School as being decorated all in Turkish furnishings, wall hangings, memorabilia.  Many of the students were Muslims, Pakistanis, Turks, Asians, etc.  Low-income Afro-American and Hispanic students also went there. Suzie is dark-skinned, and that is one reason Annie thought her daughter would fit in well at Harmony.

Annie said there were four American teachers who spoke good English; the rest were Turks who came from Albania. The e-mails that Annie received from the school were written in such broken English that she could hardly understand the content. Suzie received almost no instruction on English grammar/usage, and her ability to write in good English decreased in proficiency while she was there.

Students had uniforms and T-shirts from Turkey. The school held cooking classes for parents and taught them Turkish recipes.  Trips to Turkey were advertised early in the year, and students and other people went on these trips for a two-week spring break.  If students could not afford the trips, they were provided the money to go.  The summer trip to Turkey was for one month. Students participated in the Science Olympiad that was held within the Cosmos Foundation across the United States — Cosmos students competed with other Cosmos students.

The Harmony students took very frequent field trips during the school year and constantly put their students on display. They almost always went to places and had luncheons where elected officials could see them and did frequent performances for Congressmen, state board of education members, Texas legislators, city councils, judges, police chiefs, fire chiefs, etc.

The mother said Suzie received overly generous grades the whole time that she was in Harmony and that students whom Suzie knew were mediocre students also received inflated grades. In January students who had received F’s for the first semester were bumped up to B’s.

To prepare the students for the TAKS, Suzie told her mother that they were drilled on dates(e.g., 1492), but there was no explanation or teaching about the historical background of such dates. When they were taught history, they studied such things as a story about a Japanese (or Chinese) man who lived in California and invented “the first airplane.”  Nothing was ever taught about the Wright Brothers.

Multicultural historical figures were emphasized, but the Founding Fathers had little if anything said about them. There were three mentions of Paul Revere in a textbook, but they were short sentences. The students did read a book that was supposed to be about Paul Revere and the historical figures of the time but ended up being a book about the female author. The books were dry, unengaging, and contained no traditional history with stories of American heroes and heroines.

Suzie did have textbooks, but the literary selections were about dark, depressing, negative,and disturbing subjects that referenced America with frequent examples of drugs, alcohol, and violence.  Suzie and her mother both felt the literary selections did not represent wholesome American life.

Because Suzie became increasingly depressed while attending Harmony, Annie decided to remove her from the school after a year.


Comments from Donna Garner, 6.30.11:

What we need to remember is (1) nobody monitors these Harmony Schools during the administration of tests. What is to prevent these H-1 visa teachers who are from Turkey and who have no commitment to the American value system to give their students the answers?  (2)  The Wikileaks cable from theU. S. Ambassador several years ago revealed that the Gulenists are taking over the Turkish Security Forces by giving applicants the answers to the tests. If this is their mode of operation in Turkey, it very well could be the way they operate here.  (3)  Dr. Ed Fuller’s research showed that over half of the students who start at Harmony leave.  This would certainly be a major factor in raising their TAKS scores — weed out the weak students.


Comments from Donna Garner, 6.30.11:

A friend wrote to me a few weeks ago and told me of an incident at Indian Springs Park in Waco, Texas.  The Harmony Science Academystudents from Waco performed at a community art festival.  As reported by my friend, the students were dressed in their attractive Turkish costumes and were waving bright-colored Turkish flags. The audience was impressed with the students’ graceful movements as they flourished their Turkish flags throughout the dance; but at one point, the students took a large American flag, put it on the stage floor, and began to dance upon the flag.

When the members of the audience realized that the students were treading upon our nation’s flag, various people rose to their feet to object to this lack of respect. The dance finished up about that time, and the children hurriedly left the stage.

My friend said she felt the incident demonstrated that there is a type of subtle, anti-American indoctrination that is occurring at Harmony Science Academy. 


By Alice Linahan

Just a reminder of the battles ahead and who exactly we are fighting, many times it is actually Republicans.

Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas- Karen Hughes and the New York Times

Texans this is why we fight against those Democrats and Rino Republicans in Austin who push to get their hands on our Rainy Day Fund. One of the most disheartening reports has been the connections of former executive director of the Republican Party and trusted advisor to President George W. Bush, Karen Hughes and her close ties to the Gulen/Cosmos Foundation’s Harmony Schools here in Texas. As you can hear in this video Ms. Hughes is very interested in promoting Harmony Science Charter Schools and accessing Texas  tax dollars to create competition for public schools by funding the Gulen/Harmony charter schools.

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Paid Career Politicians – Gov. Rick Perry Do You Only Talk The Talk

Date posted: June 29, 2011

You Can Talk The Talk But Do You Walk The Walk Governor Perry.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~Sir Winston Churchill

Yesterday several Tea Party activists visited the Governor and after that visit the reports are that they were not very encouraged.

“There were a lot of suits in there, with a lot of spin”

Governor Perry “Stand With Us”

Although the Governor’s people were smart enough to get the photo op with the Tea Party Leaders to use for the possible Presidential campaign.

The question is will the photo actually reflect what was said in that meeting? Here is the tight rope that Governor Perry is walking.

Breaking today – Sanctuary City bill is dead and TSA Bill is dead…..

Special Session is over…..

Joe Straus has either thrown Gov. Perry under the bus or they are working together to satisfy the large Republican donors who do not want any Conservative  immigration bills to be passed.

From Bryan Preston at PJTV – Sanctuary city showdown in Texas

“There are two powerful Perry’s in Texas: Rick the governor and Bob the builder (they’re not related by blood). The former and his Republican Party depend to some extent on the latter for support, as Bob Perry of Perry Construction is among Texas’ most prolific political donors. But as the legislature’s special session winds toward a close, Rick the governor and Bob the builder find themselves on opposite sides of a sticky issue: Sanctuary cities. Gov. Perry made Houston’s status as a sanctuary city a key part of his attack on Democrat Bill White in the 2010 gubernatorial race, and has made cracking down on sanctuary cities one of his legislative priorities this session.  The drug war in Mexico has necessitated greater border security generally, and the federal government has done nothing to help. Both the Texas House and Senate have passed sanctuary city bills, they just haven’t passed each other’s bills, so there’s nothing headed to Gov. Perry’s desk for signature.  So the governor’s priority remains unfulfilled.”

Meanwhile, Bob Perry and fellow Texas heavyweight entrepreneur and political donor Charles Butt (CEO of the H.E.B. grocery chain) have come out against any sanctuary city bill.

So what does that mean for the safety and security of Texans and Legal Immigrants? We Lose!

The losers on this issue, Texas taxpayers, Texans whose lives are lost or destroyed because we have allowed violent criminals to enter into our county illegally, right along with Hispanics whose lives have been destroyed because we will not hold Mexico accountable for not providing a safe and secure homeland for their people.

Whose hands are stained by the blood of those lives destroyed? Texas Republican Leaders.

So we have a Call To Action Governor Perry…..

If you intend to run for President of the United States and you want the support of Grassroots and Tea Party Texans you better prove to us that you are more interested in the Safety and Security of Texans and Legal Immigrants than you are in making nice with the Lobby groups representing people like Bob Perry and Charles Butt who are more interested in cheap labor and taking advantage of illegal aliens.

If people what to know what was said to Governor Perry in that meeting you can hear what Grassroots and Tea Party activists had to say to the Governor and the Leaders of the House and the Senate in the videos below.


Two must pass bills in the 2nd Special Session

1. TSA Anti-Groping Bill which was killed by Joe Straus today in the Texas House.

2. Sanctuary City Bill which was killed by Joe Straus and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.

Jo Ann Fleming  TX Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee, Executive Director (volunteer) Grassroots America – We the People  www.gawtp.com

Bob Hall – Canton TEA Party and Roberto Gonzalez – Cuban American, Clear Lake Tea Party

Read King Grassroots Activist from Denton, Texas, Barbara Mabray Grassroots activist from Georgetown, Texas  and Alice Linahan  Board Member of WomenOnTheWall.org and founder of Voices Empower, Ray Myers Kaufman County Tea Party.

” If you love freedom, let our voices be heard. We will be silent,” No More!” – Ray Myers



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Republicans Have Pet Projects they want US to Pay for in Texas (Special Session Alert)

Date posted: June 8, 2011

Photo courtesy of the Statesman.

“There could be a vote tomorrow in the Texas House on SB 1 concerning budget for Texas.  Comptroller Susan Combs has a little pet project and she has $25M in SB 1 for a car racetrack in Austin, paid for by all of us!!   That’s right!  The state of Texas is supposed to pay for this racetrack even though most of us will never see it.  Perry’s amendment will put money in Education fund instead.

Our Rep. Charles Perry has added an amendment to SB 1 to cut this $25M out of the budget.”
TO FIND YOUR HOUSE REP GO TO: http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/      You will find their name and phone numbers and email.  Do it today.
Below is more information from Empower Texans about what is actually happening on the ground in Austin!!

Formula 1 Redlines Irresponsible Governing

It’s bad enough that $25 million of state taxpayer money could go towards funding a Formula 1 racetrack near Austin. Now, the City of Austin may end up spending an additional $4 million, or risk getting stuck with the new track but no race.

According to ESPN, the Austin City Council is being asked to provide an additional $4 million to help cover some of the costs associated with bringing the F1 race to Central Texas. But that’s only in the first year! The city would then be expected to cover any more costs (up to $4 million) each year through 2021.”

Read the Rest of the story Formula ! Redlines Irresponsible Governing. 

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