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The Boys of Fall and what those in Washington DC can learn from them.

Date posted: September 5, 2010


Kenny Chesney


Last night I had the opportunity to watch the NFL Hall of Fame induction. Throughout the entire thing I kept thinking those idiots in Washington need to get back to the fundamentals. My next thought was this is what is so wonderful and amazing about America. Freedom and Friday Night Football! Liberal Progressives and the elite have no idea what that is all about.  

Obama knows nothing about the gift of the fundamentals. The teamwork it takes to win a football game. I have no idea whether he is truly an American or not and that is not the point. He did not grow up learning what is truly amazing about America. What it is like to know and love Friday Night Football. When a community of all colors, faiths and backgrounds come together to win a high school football game.

When little brothers look up to their big brothers and don’t want to let them down.

Awhile back I wrote a post about the 12th Man at Texas A&M. Where have all the 12th Men Gone????

In that post I describe what Coach Jackie Sherrill says about the 12th men on his team.

“They simply didn’t have the speed, quickness, agility, strength, or muscle to play big-time college football. That’s what Division One Football thought. But Division One Football didn’t see what I saw, know what I knew about Texas A&M, its traditions, its legacy, and the never-say-die, never-say-quit, never-back-down spirit that dwelled deep within the hearts of a student body that would run through a brick wall or tear the sonuvabitch down with their bare hands if the maroon and white asked them to.

They were the builders of bonfire. They were the keepers of the flame. Individually and collectively, they were the heartbeat of everything so special about Texas A&M.”

It is that spirit and drive that was seen in each of the speeches from the NFL Hall of Fame winners.

They were not given a chance through “Social Justice”, the Hall of Fame winners were pushed to be the best they could be through hard work and perseverance. Dare I say, the AMERICAN way.

It was through Capitalism and Football that they were given the opportunity to excel.

Each of them also gave thanks and praise to the Lord for those gifts and achievements.

It was truly a wonderful exhibit of what is great in America.

Here is a clip from my favorite speech of the night. Of course I might be a little bias.

I am from Texas you know. Emmitt Smith‘s Hall of Fame Speech


“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” –Billy Graham

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The Republican Party of Texas has released a new website and Anita MonCrief is writing about it.

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Texas GOP Vote has in interesting article that brings out the close connection between Representative Kristin Thibuat and ACORN:

“The Republican Party of Texas today unveiled a new website, kristiworksforacorn.com. The site documents Democrat state Rep. Kristi Thibaut’s sordid past and her involvement with the notorious leftwing organization ACORN. Thibaut is the incumbent in House District 133.”

House District 133 by the way encompasses Harris County, Texas the site of massive ACORN-like voter registration fraud as reported by Emmerging Curruption.  and where a mysterious fire destroyed most of the voting machines in the county last week.

“Another blow has been dealt to voters in Harris County, Texas just days after the Harris County Voter Registrar Leo Vasquez released a 72 page PowerPoint on voting irregularities from a local group similar to the infamous ACORN.

‘The integrity of the voting rolls in Harris County, Texas, appears to be under an organized and systematic attack by the group operating under the name Houston Votes,” Vasquez said at a 2 p.m. press conference at his office, where he also released copies of applications in some of the most egregious cases.’

[Friday], voters are waking up with the news that the Harris County Election Technology Center was the site of a massive three-alarm fire early this morning.”

As the site kristiworksforacorn.com points out, Thibaut, actively worked for ACORN for a number of years, and was even a paid lobbyist for the group. Screen shot below. Click to enlarge.

By the way, yes, there was money flowing back and forth between Thibaut and ACORN.

A meeting was held yesterday in Harris County regarding purchasing new voting machines or other options regarding the upcoming elections.

Considering the current political climate and the impending sense of doom that most Democrats are experiencing, a situation is emerging it Harris County Texas and it reeks of corruption. Will voters have a chance to have their voices heard or are political players stacking the deck?

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As a Catholic why do I stand with a Mormon like Glen Beck….It is about the Fruits…..

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As a Catholic I choose to stand with Glen Beck (a Mormon of all faiths) in Restoring Honor in America. As a Catholic I believe in authentic Catholic Teaching. Not Socialism/Marxism.

As David Barton states in this wonderful letter he wrote about Glenn Beck.

By Their Fruits by David Barton/WallBuilders

“For Christians concerned about Glenn’s faith, I would ask the following questions:

  • What fruit do you see produced by Glenn? Good or bad? If you judged Glenn only by the fruits he has produced, would you still hold concerns over his faith?
  • If you did not know Glenn was a Mormon, how would you describe his religious beliefs?
  • Is God using Glenn to help recover our national strength and health, both politically and spiritually? If so, why would God be using him?
  • Does Glenn stir and provoke us to good works? (Hebrews 10:24)
  • Does he bring to light the hidden things of darkness? (1 Corinthians 4:5)
  • Does he talk openly about atonement, redemption, and individual salvation through Christ? (I can definitely answer this in the affirmative, for I have seen him do so on numerous occasions not only on his program but also in the rallies where I have personally participated with him.)

Christians concerned about Glenn’s faith should judge the tree by its fruits, not its labels. After all, Nancy Pelosi and Bill Clinton openly call themselves Christians, as do Evangelical Christian ministers such as Jim Wallis and Joel Hunter. Although these individuals have the right labels, they have the wrong fruits; yet many Christians have a more visceral reaction to Glenn than to Pelosi, Clinton, or Wallis. This is wrong; it is not Biblical.”

You see Glenn Beck gets it.

Yesterday’s Restoring Honor Rally was not about preaching a certain religion, it was about as Krista Branch sings. “Remember Who We Are” We are not a Christian Nation based on Liberation Theology. Socialism/Marxism.

We are a Judea/Christian nation who believes in an Individuals Freedom of Religion and the gift of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


If you are a Christian I ask you……. What is your brand of Christianity?

If you are Catholic I remind you that authentic Catholic Teaching repudiates Socialism/Marxism.

Pope Benedict XVI (writing as Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger) message to Catholics about liberation theology regarding the perversion of the Christian understanding of the “poor”:

“In its positive meaning the Church of the poor signifies the preference given to the poor, without exclusion, whatever the form of their poverty, because they are preferred by God…But the theologies of liberation…go on to a disastrous confusion between the poor of the Scripture and the proletariat of Marx.  In this way they pervert the Christian meaning of the poor, and they transform the fight for the rights of the poor into a class fight within the ideological perspective of the class struggle.”

“An analysis of the phenomenon of liberation theology reveals that it constitutes a fundamental threat to the faith of the Church.”-Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Catholic’s I ask why was Obama in Louisiana speaking once again at  Xavier Catholic University and an even bigger question is why are Catholics at that University allowing it. As stated in the article below. “We are allowing President Obama to use a Catholic environment to provide a platform for his political activity.”

As Fox News reports….

“President Obama will be in New Orleans Saturday to remember the devastation of Hurricane Katrina five years after the storm roared ashore, but the location the White House has picked for his remarks is stirring an old controversy — and it has nothing to do with storm or the rebuilding of the Gulf.”

Here is the transcript of Obama’s speech.


Again we have the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops with a clear policy….

“No Catholic institution should provide an honor or platform to a public opponent of fundamental Catholic teachings.  This is most important at a university that is dedicated to seeking and teaching the truth, and which embraces the Catholic faith.”

And once again the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops refuse to enforce their own policy allowing souls to be lost and confused. What Fruits are the Bishops bearing.

Catholics we better wake up, get educated on our own faith and start standing for that faith.

If we don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything.

Right now we are falling for the Progressives in Washington. They are using our Church to further their agenda and we are responsible for allowing this to happen.


For my friends who are not believers but who do believe in the Greatness of America. I urge you to consider that the Restoring Honor Rally was not a rally to preach but a rally to create controversy and debate so that we as believers will take the time to research and find the knowledge we need to battle the enemy within our own Churches. If we do not they will not only take down our churches but they will take us all done in the United States of America.

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” -Billy Graham

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